Thurs, Sept 20 is the second annual 5 Chamber Business Mixer, co-hosted by  Elements Casino Victoria and BC Lottery Corporation. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with members from the Greater Victoria, Saanich Peninsula, WestShore, Sooke Region and Esquimalt Chambers! Register today.
Rededication of WWI Memorial Trees planted by Chamber members
Next time you drive down Shelbourne Street, make sure to pay attention to a stand of London Plane trees lining the boulevard near Mount Doug Park. The trees were planted 100 years ago as part of a project spearheaded by The Chamber to honour all of the soliders from our region who died fighting in World War One.

Over the decades, the noble meaning of the trees was nearly forgotten by residents and municipal staff. However, a dedicated and passionate group of volunteers is making sure the story of the trees is heard by a new generation.

On Sept. 29 at 11 am, the public is invited to a Rededication Ceremony on north Shelbourne, near Elnido Road and San Juan Avenue. Please arrive by 10:15 am.

A pipe band will start the ceremony at Mount Doug Park and proceed south to the nearby General's Memorial. Lieut.-Gov. Janet Austin will then preside over the event, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War One.

The trees formed the first Road of Remembrance in Canada. The idea spread across the country, including to Saskatoon where Next of Kin Boulevard is now a National Historic Site.

In Victoria, local businessman Thomas Walker first proposed the idea in November 1918. The Chamber promoted the plan and on Oct. 4, 1921, more than 5,000 people turned out for the dedication.

Many members of The Chamber pitched in to help plant the trees, many of which are still standing today.

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We need strong words to fight climate change
Message from Chamber CEO Catherine Holt  
This article originally appeared in the Times Colonist September 1.

Breathing smoky air is becoming a new summer norm in Victoria. Wildfires have caused chaos and catastrophe across BC, disrupting livelihoods, communities and business, sometimes irretrievably. And it's putting climate change top of mind for many of us. At last.
What motivates humans to change? I spent many years as a management consultant, and most of that work involved creating and managing change. As anyone who has tried to make big change can tell you - humans resist it.
An absolute requirement, in my experience, is what's referred to in business lingo as "the burning platform." If people find themselves on one - literally or figuratively - they will take a risk and jump to save themselves. Anything short of that and they prefer to stay where they are.
Do we have a burning platform now? Yes. Have scientists been trying to tell us for decades that we are at risk of burning? Yes. Have we jumped? Not yet.  
Read Catherine's column to f ind out why the right language is vital to address climate change.
Opportunities for Business
To learn more about how businesses can get involved in the effort to curb emissions, check out the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) recently announced Opportunity Projects Program. Working with four BC universities, PICS researches ways to mitigate and adapt to climate change.
You might also be interested in an event PICS is hosting on Sept. 17 at the University of Victoria. Check out Carbon Pricing 2.0: Lessons from California and BC for more information. PICS executive director Sybil Seitzinger was the guest speaker at The Chamber's Public Policy and Advocacy Committee meeting this morning.
With an aging workforce and near zero unemployment rate - the demand for skills trades workers has never been higher.

Hear Tom Sigurdson, Executive Director of BC Building Trades, talk about the future of the trades industry in British Columbia and how they are working to address the skills shortage.
Sponsored by
Tue, Sept 25 | 11:30 am-1 pm 
Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour
728 Humboldt St.

Start of nomination process for civic elections
This week marks the traditional start of campaign season for this year's local government elections.
The nomination period opened yesterday and closes Friday, Sept. 14.
The Chamber is compiling a list of mayoral candidates in the region so that we can find out where they stand on issues that are important to the business community.
We plan to get answers on the following questions:
  • Will you narrow the gap between business and residential property taxes?
  • Do you support improving transportation through regional governance, funding, planning and delivery?
  • Do you support a citizens' assembly process that empowers the public to decide whether to reduce the number of municipalities in our region?
Watch for ongoing coverage of the election.
If you have suggestions for other questions or feedback on the three listed above, we would love to hear from you.
Please send your ideas to

Members Around Town
Camosun College instructor inks Margaret Atwood's new comic 
Camosun College Comics & Graphic Novels instructor Ken Steacy illustrated Margaret Atwood's comic series War Bears, which hits stores today. The new comic is a historical fiction story set in the Golden Age of comics. Since 1974, Steacy has worked in the comic book industry as writer, artist, art director, editor and publisher, chronicling the exploits of Astro Boy, Spider-Man, Harry Potter, and the Star Wars gang, to name but a few. 
Camosun College: member since 1981     
Need help recruiting staff?  
GT Hiring Solutions/WorkBC is hosting its Big Fall Job Fair Oct. 18 at the Central Baptist Church from 1-4 pm and is looking for employers from all major industry sectors to participate. One of The Chamber's active advocacy positions is Attracting and Retaining Workers as a lot of our members express difficulties in finding candidates for open positions.
GT Hiring Solutions/WorkBC: member since 2006  
Destination Greater Victoria launch 
Tourism Victoria has undergone a brand re-fresh and has re-launched as Destination Greater Victoria to better represent the customer experience in Greater Victoria, its regional members and marketing initiatives. Most tourism boards have incorporated a destination management function and their names reference this responsibility. Examples include Destination Canada, Destination BC and Destination New South Wales.  
   Destination Greater Victoria: member since 1988
BC Chamber looking for talent   
The BC Chamber of Commerce is recruiting a Manager of Policy & Government Relations, based in Vancouver, who will be responsible for the development, planning and successful execution of the chambers policy development process. The position will also be responsible for developing strategic and tactical implementation plans to ensure the creation of timely and relevant policies and positions.
Learn more about the regulation of the sale of cannabis, what this emerging industry means for businesses in Victoria and global opportunities. See the speakers here.

Wed, Oct 10 | 11:30 am-1 pm
Hotel Grand Pacific
463 Belleville St.

The Chamber's New Co-op Student!
The Chamber is pleased to welcome Dayna Smith as our new Events Assistant. She will be working on getting donations for the 36th Annual Dinner Auction Gala and assisting on other events throughout the fall.

Dayna currently studies at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at University of Victoria, focusing on a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialization in International Business. Apart from education, Dayna has a passion for design, art and reading.
Dayna is extremely excited to start her role as an Events Assistant, and is looking forward to working with our members. Feel free to connect with Dayna at the next Chamber event, on LinkedIn, by email or phone at 250-953-6684 to discuss donation opportunities.  

Welcome Baby Clodge 
A huge congratulations to Sophie, The Chamber's office manager, on the new addition to her family!  
Meet Theodore James Clodge, Teddy for short. Born 9 lbs on July 31. Teddy has already started smiling and is a very healthy baby. We are thrilled to welcome him to The Chamber tribe!  
Sophie and Teddy came to visit The Chamber's office this past Tuesday and stole the staff's hearts. Not to mention Chamber CEO Catherine Holt was so enamored with the little guy she almost walked away with him!  
Want to see your item showcased at the auction? Contact
Here's a sneak peek at a few items that will be at this year's Annual Dinner Auction Gala.
  • From Redline Management, have the chance to take home a brand new iPad Mini 4! With 128GB of space, have enough space to have all your favorite songs, movies, apps, and more!
  • Take home an amazing backpack from Patagonia Victoria! From a 12 liter messenger bag, an 18 liter backpack, and a 20 liter clinch pack, show off your sense of fashion with any of these high quality bags. 
  • Juices and other healthy snacks on your mind? Use this Jusu Bar gift certificate to enjoy a delicious treat. Included with the gift certificate are energy bars that aren't only tasty, but will be sure to perk you up!
  • Finally, experience four rounds of VIP golf at the Westin Bear Mountain Golf Resort & Spa's serene Valley Course. Power cart and range balls included!   
 Any of these items catch your eye? Tickets are now on sale!
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Fri, Nov 2 | 6-10:30 pm
Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort & Spa 
100 Harbour Rd.
How Gen Zers differ from millennials in the workforce 
Generation Z started turning 23 this year, which means that increasing numbers of them are working in more than just fast food and retail. Just as millennials changed the face of work, so will these young entrants to the workforce. Chamber member Merge Gupta-Sunderji of Turning Managers Into Leaders wrote a column in the Globe and Mail about Gen Zers.

Common traits of Gen Zers:
  • They are more entrepreneurial than millennials
  • They are more practical, realistic than you may think
  • Tolerance has shifted to togetherness
  • Not just digital native, but mobile native
  • Their communication preference is "old school"
Read the full article here.

Turning Managers Into Leaders: member since 2017
Certificate of Origin Benefit   
Did you know that The Chamber authorizes Certificates of Origin to local businesses for the purpose of facilitating trade around the world?

A Certificate of Origin is a document attesting that goods exported in a shipment have been wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country.

Documents commonly presented to The Chamber for certification are: 

  • Certificates of origin accompanying invoices and packing lists
  • Visa introductions to Southeast Asia and the Arabic Peninsula
  • Business registration
  • Agency or representation agreements and more!

Members receive one free Certificate of Origin annually while additional certificates are $20 including tax.


Contact us before you ship or travel to arrange a Certificate of Origin or click here  for more information. 


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