It's Friday. It's Spring. We're going to get through this together!

Today's update includes ways to help you stay on top of the latest local information and resources, as well as links to helpful advice and the latest governmental programs designed to help:

1. Biddeford + Saco Community Share Group on Facebook
2. Latest List of Local Restaurants Providing Services
3. Legal & Practical Guidance for Your Business from Perkins-Thompson
4. New Federal Covid-19 Program for Paid Sick Leave & Paid Family Leave
5. FAME Covid-19 Relief Business Loan Options
6. Federal Tax Payment Delay Update

1. Community Share Group on Facebook

To create a visible and accessible hub for information from businesses and community members about what they are doing to manage through the Covid-19 crisis, we've initiated a Facebook Group called "Biddeford + Saco Community Group" . This is an online space where any business or community member can post and share information about new policies, procedures, hours, or other approaches they are taking to help mitigate the impact of this virus.
Please post updates there, and share this Group with your contacts so we can bring everyone together and get the word out to as many community members as possible about what we are all doing to help at our businesses and in the community. 

2. Local Restaurants Providing Take-Out and/or Delivery

In conjunction with City staff and our two Main St. programs, we're working to maintain a current list of all local restaurants that are providing service for area residents, with details about their offerings, hours, and any other pertinent information about their take-out and/or delivery options:

If you are a restaurant / foodservice provider offering services now but you are not currently on the above list, please let us know what you are offering by Entering Your Restaurant Details in this Google Form

3. Guidance for Your Business from Perkins-Thompson

Chamber member Perkins-Thompson has created a very helpful guide to many of the practical and legal considerations impacting all businesses right new due to the Coronavirus.

4. New Federal Program for Paid Sick & Family Leave

While the US Government continues to work on a more comprehensive program to help all businesses and citizens, they did pass helpful new legislation earlier this week creating Covid-19-based Paid Sick Leave and Paid Family Leave benefits for most businesses. The act allows for businesses to get reimbursed for these benefits via future tax credits.

5. FAME Covid-19 Relief Loan Options

The Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) has loan programs to help eligible Maine businesses and individuals/employees who experience hardships due to Covid-19.

6. Federal Tax Payment Delay Update

In response to Covid-19, the federal government is allowing most tax payments to be delayed until July 15th. You need to file a return by April 15th. No other filing is necessary for payment extensions. See more details about payment options at: s