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Kelly Heath,
Board Chair
An Important Message from
our Board of Directors.
Dear Members and Friends,
2020 has been an unprecedented year. As we have talked to our Members over these last few months, some are doing a booming business due to the nature of what they do, while others are hanging on by their fingernails to keep their doors open and staff employed. Whether it’s been through illness, having your business or employer suffer layoffs and financial losses, or simply that you’ve had your daily life disrupted, everyone has felt the impact of COVID-19. 
When we moved to Phase 2, directives came from the state. Some of our Member businesses can have their operating licenses revoked due to non-compliance. Consequently, they hold themselves to the mandated standard with regard to masking, social distancing, and cleaning. Other members not subject to licensure follow the recommended standards anyway because they choose to.
Many of our Members ask their customers, like themselves, to wear masks in their business. They say they do it because:
  • It’s an NC Executive Order.
  • Health organizations have recommended it.
  • The President has now said masking is important.
  • It’s the right thing to do in the interest of health and safety of our community.
The tone of social media conversations on this subject have taken a negative turn in recent weeks. Additionally, we are hearing from our Members how their staff have been subjected to rude and coarse behavior from customers regarding the subject (from folks on both sides of this issue). Hearing this is especially disheartening as it is a time when we need to be united; supporting and encouraging each other.
It has been disappointing to read comments in social media from locals claiming they will never shop/dine/do business in Randolph County again because of experiences they’ve had at businesses that do not comply with masking. We ask that no one paint ALL Randolph County-located businesses with the same brush as so many here are earnestly following the recommended standard.
There have been posters on social media that have asked the Chamber to step in and help ensure all businesses comply. Others have described us as being part of the “open at any costs group”. We have been characterized as not caring about citizens. Neither assertion could be further from the truth. We are a mission-driven organization that understands we cannot appease everyone. We do not tell businesses how to operate, nor do we chastise or publicly shame them for choices they make. 
We are a membership organization – made up of companies large & small, civic clubs, churches, private citizens, non-profit organizations, national chains, and small owner-operated businesses – all 800+ of whom support our mission to make this a better place to live, work, and do business. These businesses are the ones that support our local youth sports, youth theater, the Arts Guild, United Way, churches, and a myriad of other private social services that help our citizens in need. 
These are the businesses everyone goes to, time and time again, to support any number of worthy causes. Businesses like these – the ones invested in the mission to make this a great place to live – ensure we actually do have a great place to live. It’s not the out-of-county businesses that support children and the needy in our community. It’s the ones right here in Randolph County. 
We recommend the  Count on Me NC  program for any business that simply does not know where to start in terms of compliance. This partnership involving NC State Extension, NC Department of Health and Human Services, NC Restaurant & Lodging Association, and VisitNC includes various online business training modules – some industry specific, others are more general. This is a  FREE, turn-key solution  for businesses no matter their size. More than a dozen of our Members are “Count on Me” trained and certified. You can find out more at their website, as well as links to training and printable signage, at  
This is a time when it is critically important to spend dollars in Randolph County. We encourage everyone to continue to support local businesses. We encourage everyone to put the health and safety of the community at the forefront of what they do, and we encourage you to utilize the Count on Me NC program. Only through reducing the spread will commerce finally and fully reopen.
Thank you to the following businesses for joining the Chamber!
Centerpoint Plaza LLP
Stacey Cachat
270 W. New England Avenue
Winter Park, FL 32789
(407) 629-2040

Rafe Martin
1204 S. Main St.
Graham, NC 27253
(336) 900-0899

Brad Crumpler, Associate Member

Hull Property Group
John Mulherin
1190 Interstate Pkwy
Augusta, GA 30909
(706) 863-2222

Industrial Wood Products
Bryan Cone
9207 Highway 22 S.
Climax, NC 27233
(336) 685-5812

Kona Ice
Jessi Whitt
420 John Carroll Rd.
Denton, NC 27239
(336) 953-7672
Social Distance Floor Decals
Michael Hall
PO Box 4965
Asheboro, NC 27204-4965

Trina's Hairtique & Beauty Supply
Katrina Turnage
1137 N. Fayetteville St., Suite 5 & 6
Asheboro, NC   27203
(336) 628-0555

Uwharrie Builders, LLC
John Thompson
PO Drawer K
Troy, NC 27371
(910) 576-1500

VistaLyft, LLC
Kareem Lindsey
4628 River Estates Dr.
Asheboro, NC 27205
(919) 744-0885
Attention Food & Beverage Members!!

We are offering a FREE service to any of our Members that sell food and drink at their business.

We will host your menu on our website, and create a customized QR code for you to use at your business.

We recommend you post the QR Code at each table. This allows patrons to point their smart phone camera at your QR Code and be able to view a digital copy of your menu.

You can also post the QR Code on the door or window of your business so it can be viewed before they come in.

Check out the ones we did for
Four Saints Brewing Company and the Flying Pig!

For more information, contact Linda at the Chamber office.
Temporary Chamber Office Hours
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 8AM-Noon; 1-5PM
Wednesday - 8AM-Noon; 1-5PM
Thursday - 8AM-Noon; 1-5PM
Friday - Closed
Positive Thought for the Week
During these challenging times, let's remember....
NC Department of Transportation
Needs Your Input to Improve Greenways!
North Carolina's Department of Transportation is seeking comment on the Great Trails State Plan. Their vision is to have one network of trails that connect all 100 NC counties. Please take a few moments to participate so Randolph County's trails are included!
Randolph County COVID-19 Updates
Have you seen Randolph County's COVID-19 videos? They are updated twice weekly with the latest statistics and information from the Health Department and are presented by Commissioner Darrell Frye, County Health Director Susan Hayes, County Manager Hal Johnson, and County Wellness Coordinator Sam Varner. Videos are posted to the Randolph County YouTube Channel.
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