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2016 Annual Awards Banquet 
The St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce held its Annual Awards Banquet on March 9, 2017. There were 150 individuals representing almost 50 area businesses and organizations. Many of the attendees came dressed to the Sock Hop theme. With Plus One Professionals receiving a special prize for being the best dressed business. The Chamber gave out three plaques to individuals for their service to the organization. There were seven awards to businesses and individuals for their commitment to the St. Marys Business Community.  There were three individuals that received the Builder of Bridges Awards. It was a wonderful evening of honoring local businesses and community members. 
2016 Emerging Business
Effie's Boutique
This year's Emerging Business, Effie's Boutique, can make every women in St. Marys feel beautiful not only by providing a great place to purchase clothing; but also with their extraordinary customer service and compliments while you're shopping.

This local retail store opened in October 2015 by Ammy Synder and Tracy Miley as a place for every woman to shop no matter their size or shape. These two ladies have taken Effie's a long way in just a year and a half. In August 2016, they were able to move to a  larger location in downtown St. Marys and offer their clientele even more clothing, shoes, and accessories. And the first week of March they launched online shopping to serve even more woman, near and far.

Tracy and Ammy are also no stranger to being involved in the community from their donations as business owners to supporting their children in extracurricular activities. Congratulations! 
2016 Most Improved Property
Local owners, Angie and Matt Wibbeler did not cut corners when providing St. Marys with a unique place to eat. When you walk up to the newly renovated building you see a modern design with historical elements. Then you walk in the front door where you are awed by the unique design features of old family photos, high and low tables, a u-shaped bar, a shuffleboard table, and exposed brick.  

They did not stop their when changing things up. They also took a look at the menu and kept many of their classics and brought new food items, such as pretzel sticks, a bloody Mary served with a slice of pizza, and so much more. St. Marys is so lucky to have such great business owners with the vision to turn an old, rundown pet store into an Italian Pub. Congratulations to Guarnieris on receiving the 2016 Most Improved Property Award. 
2016 Good Neighbor Award
Bane Staffing         
The recipient of this year’s Good Neighbor Award is Bane Staffing. It's corporate office is in Dayton and they have satellite offices in St. Marys, Cincinnati and Ft. Wayne. This company’s first priority is to fulfill its client’s staffing needs with qualified, reliable employees. In addition, this staffing agency provides local community members with an outlet to apply for various job openings throughout St. Marys.  The company has also supported local fundraisers, such as SummerFest, through sponsorship's. Congratulations!
2016 Frank C. Murray Ambassador
St. Marys Roughrider's
Cowbell Mafia
The Frank C. Murray Award recipient, St. Marys Roughriders Cowbell Mafia, has given many young men and women a great example of sportsmanship and a community’s love of high school athletics.

This group of men are known for being the loudest cheering section at the game and supporting Roughrider athletics in so many ways. These men have added lettering on their vehicles, had t-shirts made, put a giant FatHead on the wall in the Touchdown Club building, re-engineered their cowbells to make them larger, louder, and easier on the arms, gave out Christmas ornaments and so much more.

The Cowbell Mafia went as far as supporting Trotwood Madison’s football team at the semi-final and state games after they beat the Roughriders in the regional championship game. These men are dedicated to making St. Marys a better place and letting people know about it. Thank you to the St. Marys Roughriders Cowbell Mafia for bringing St. Marys a whole lotta cowbell!
2016 Non-Profit
Organization of the Year
Rotary Club of St. Marys
The 2016 Non-Profit of the year, Rotary Club of St. Marys,  is a global network of community members and professionals. This service organization participates in a broad range of intercultural and community activities which are designed to improve humanity. Rotary has supported projects internationally which include providing health care, medical supplies, clean water, job training, youth development and education. Their number one mission is to rid the world of Polio. 

Locally they are very involved in the community helping with projects such as “I Read” with St. Marys City Schools, purchasing playground equipment, and The Historic Walking Trail. They are especially known for hosting St. Marys Halloween Parade and the Summer Concert Series as well as sponsoring the Prom Promenade. This club has been rapidly growing over the last year in membership. Rotary is truly dedicated to not only improving life for people within St. Marys, but also all over the world. We thank Rotary Club Members for the time and investment you all have put into our community!
2016 Non-Profit
Organization of the Year
Rotary Club of St. Marys
"A leader's job is to look into the future and see the organization, not as it is, but as it should be." Jack Welch

This year's Outstanding Business Person, Angie Dine-Schmeisser, has helped to turn a dingy dungeon of a workplace into a thriving work environment, through hard work, leadership, and dedication. She has led the company to a "family first attitude" with a good profit sharing program. Angie currently is leading an addition to the company's facility that will provide more storage space and production and increase the company's efficiency. 

She is currently on the American Foundry Society Government Affairs Committee, the Vice President of the Ohio Cast Metals Association, and is a member of the St. Marys Community Improvement Corporation. Angie does not hesitate to give back to the community as she is a supporter of Holy Rosary Church and School, the R.O.C., St. Marsy City Schools, and many other charities and events. Congratulations!
2016 Business of the Year Schwieterman Pharmacies

This year’s winner of the Business of the Year Award, Schwieterman Pharmacy,  provides the ultimate healthcare service, one customer at a time.  They have had a location in St. Marys since 1988 and the company celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2016. This pharmacy is now owned by several individuals who are carrying on the tradition of service and customer care.
Not only are they providing the best customer service, but they strive to make St. Marys a better place to live, work, and play.

This business supports numerous organizations and fundraisers throughout their servicing area including Walk with Nature, St. Marys SummerFest, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and so much more. We as a community appreciate your involvement and continued growth in your industry and our community. Congratulations!
Chamber News
Pets in the Workplace - Help KayCee!
April 26 is National Guide Dog Day and Pilot Puppy, KayCee needs your help. This puppy is in training and could use some exposure with different people and places. On April 26, she would love to come and visit your employees and customers. We will be scheduling appointments between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm. Please e-mail, if your interested in having her, her guide, and the Chamber Director stop by.
Advertising Options for the Membership Directory
The St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to partner with The Evening Leader to publish an updated image book and membership directory for our community. 

This book will be a full-color glossy product cover-to-cover, filled with the images and stories that make St. Marys a great place to live, work and do business.  

Facebook 101
St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce

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Learn how to setup a business page, posting etiquette, and tips and tricks.
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