October 2018
Applications for 2019 cohort are open!
The online application for the third cohort of Champion Provider Fellows is officially open! We encourage all fellows and local health departments to participate in the recruitment process by reaching out to prospective candidates in their networks. We have created an email outreach template (for fellows) and flyer to send to prospective candidates. If you would like an informational folder about the program, please contact Jessica Davidman . For additional information, visit ChampionProvider.ucsf.edu . Members of the Champion Provider Fellowship team are also available to answer questions.
Last month, Brown Miller Communications hosted two great events: an interactive Media Training for Fellows ( pictured: Paula Hamilton leads a critique of Dr. Lyra Ng’s on-camera mock interview at the media training ), and a Recruitment Information Webinar for Local Health Departments . Click the titles to access materials from each training, which are now available on our website.
In Health,

Vanessa Thompson, MD
Associate Professor, UCSF School of Medicine
Principal Investigator, Champion Provider Fellowship
Upcoming Events
Work-In-Progress Call #7
(for Fellows only)

The Work-In-Progress call series is moderated by Dr. Alicia Fernandez , Professor, UCSF School of Medicine. It provides an informal platform where fellows can talk about the policy, system and environmental change work they are doing in th eir communities and solicit feedback from their cohort and UCSF faculty members. Please contact Jessica Davidman if you wo uld like to present on the call. 
  Tuesday, November 27, 2018
12:15pm – 1:15pm

Champion Provider Fellow Activities

III Annual Binational Obesity Symposium

Champion Provider Fellows, Dr. Vivi Stafford (Kings County - L) and Dr. Maggie Santibáñez (San Diego County - R) attended the 3 rd Annual Binational Obesity Symposium on September 26. Dr. Santibáñez organized the event and Champion Provider Fellowship faculty member, Dr. Alicia Fernández, was featured as one of the keynote speakers.  
Other highlights from Champion Provider Fellow Quarterly Activity Updates:

  • Presented at First 5 Hunger Forum
  • Wrote letter of support and distributed email template for CA SB 1192
  • Collaborating with NEOP to create a PSA to be played at clinics to promote staying active
  • Expanding food insecurity pilot to reach 3 additional counties (Fresno, Tulare, and Merced)
*** Champion Provider Listserv***
Collaborate and communicate with other Champion Provider Fellows across the state about your community change efforts
Election day is November 6 th . The deadline to register to vote (online or by phone) is Monday, October 22.

The proposal  would establish a Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund financed by fees assessed on dairy producers and fertilizer manufacturers, and by voluntary, 95-cent-per-month contributions by water customers through their water bills ( New York Times, 2018 )

This Senate map lets you view the current Senate, make a forecast for the 2018 Senate elections, and see the composition of the 2019 Senate based on those predictions. Click the link to customize now!

Governor Brown signed AB 1871 (Bonta) into law. Under this law, low-income students in charter schools are finally guaranteed access to free and reduced-price school meals. 
2018 Farm Bill

The 2014 Farm Bill expired formally on September 30th, 2018. U.S. lawmakers are considering a short-term extension of the 2014 Farm Bill

Assembly Bill 1811

This Bill reverses the CalFresh eligibility policy known as “cash-out” under which Supplemental Security Income(SSI)/ State Supplemental Payment (SSP) recipients are ineligible for CalFresh - it also creates new programs specifically for this newly eligible group.
From the Field
Note: Materials included in this section are for reference and information purposes only and do not imply endorsement by the federal government, California Department of Public Health, or the University of California, San Francisco.
The Roundtable on Population Health Improvement.
This interactive workshop explored policy focusing on taxes, credits, policy design considerations, and redirecting resources to support population health interventions. The aim was to show how tax policies have been used to channel resources and shape economic incentives in support of population health goals, and to equip participants with basic knowledge of tax policy and ways to engage in dialogue about it with community members and stakeholders.

Available for all US states, the guide highlights state level data on access to and affordability of fruits and vegetables, and provides actionable steps to promote increased fruit and vegetable consumption. 

New data from BRFSS on self-reported adult obesity prevalence for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico is now available.
Mandy Geserick, M.Sc., et al. NEJM.
This study sought to better understand the age of onset of obesity. Through prospective and retrospective analysis of anthropometric data from children (0-14 years of age) and adolescences (15 to 18 years of age), researchers founds that the most rapid weight gain occurred between 2 – 6 years of age and that children obese at that age were obese in adolescence. 

Sugary Drink Strategy Playbook : Reducing Sugary Drinks to Promote Community Health & Equity
ChangeLab Solutions, 2018.
The Sugary Drink Strategy Playbook aims to empower communities, government, and institutions to use law and policy strategies that address sugary drink over consumption. The Playbook outlines 10 strategies to reduce sugary drink consumption in communities.  

The Science Policy Group Workshop: How to write an Op-Ed
UCSF’s Dr. Louise Aronson (MD, MFA) discusses her experience writing opinion pieces for the NY-Times, NPR and how you, too, can get started in writing an op-ed. Recording available here . Written materials available here .
More Opportunities

October 16, 2018 | 11am-12pm

Law and policy coupled with community power can create new opportunities for everyone to achieve their full health potential. For the next episode of ChangeLab Solution’s Building Healthy, Equitable Communities Series, Kim Haddow of the Local Solutions Support Center and Miya Saika Chen of the Partnership for Working Families will discuss how preemption can hinder or advance health equity. 

October 27, 2018
8:30am - 5:30pm | Oakland

Participants will gain skills to integrate nature into their clinical practice through this hands-on workshop.
October 30, 2018 | Los Angeles

An educational program on diabetes that is for primary care providers, by primary care providers to help:
  • navigate the changes in healthcare delivery
  • understand the explosion of new diabetes therapies
  • learn how to optimize patient care

Op-Ed Writing Contest!
The UCSF Science Policy Group
Deadline: November 6, 2018

Submit a science-related OP-ED to a small local publication in your hometown. While readership of these papers may be small, they are a fantastic way to reach people who may not have much exposure to scientific research and its societal benefits! Email your OP-ED and proof of submission to: ucsfsciencepolicygroup@gmail.com (publication not required!)