September 2018
Applications for 2019 cohort open October 1 st !

The online application for the third cohort of Champion Provider Fellows opens October 1st! We encourage all fellows and local health departments to participate in the recruitment process by identifying prospective candidates in your networks. If you would like an informational folder about the program, please contact Jessica Davidman and be sure to check out our website for updates. Members of the Champion Provider Fellowship team are also available to answer any questions.
Thank you to Melissa Peters from ChangeLab Solutions for providing another informative PSE Implementation webinar and to Champion Provider Fellow Dr. Rachel Borovina and local health department representative Gloria Cahuich-Gonzales from San Mateo County, for illustrating the positive benefits of their partnership to advance PSE strategies. A recording of the webinar is available   here .
And finally, October 15 -19 th is National School Lunch Week , a week that celebrates the over 30 million students that participate in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Behind SNAP (or CalFesh in California), it is the nation’s second largest food and nutrition assistance program ( FRAC, 2018 ). We encourage Champion Provider Fellows and local health departments to work together in identifying opportunities to leverage support and recognition of NSLP during this week.
In Health,

Vanessa Thompson, MD
Associate Professor, UCSF School of Medicine
Principal Investigator, Champion Provider Fellowship
Upcoming Events
 Work-In-Progress Call #6 
(for Fellows only)

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018
12:15PM – 1:15PM
Moderator: Dr. Alicia Fernandez, Professor, UCSF School of Medicine

The Work-In-Progress call series provides an informal platform where fellows can talk about the policy, system and environmental change work they are doing in th eir communities and solicit feedback from their cohort and UCSF faculty members.

Please contact Jessica Davidman if you would like to present on the call. 
Local Health Departments:
Champion Provider Fellowship Recruitment Webinar
Tuesday, September 25 th , 2018
1:30PM – 2:30PM

The Champion Provider Fellowship is an important resource to help support local health departments’ efforts to improve the health of their communities by advancing local policy, systems and environmental (PSE) change strategies. We strongly encourage you to participate on this webinar even if you are already participating in the Champion Provider Fellowship.

The webinar will cover:
Champion Provider Fellow Activities
Dr. Shakalpi Pendurkar
(San Mateo County)
Dr. Tracey Hessel
(Marin County)
Dr. Elizabeth Shaw
(Marin County)
Recent Appointment:
Director of Oral Public Health Program, San Mateo County Health System

One of Dr. Pendurkar's areas of focus will be to support the reduction of SSB consumption, which she has already done a tremendous amount of work in, in Santa Clara County. 
 US News Article Highlights Park Rx at Marin Community Clinics

"The Next Rx From Your Doctor Might Be to Spend Time in Nature: Doctors are using their prescription pads to order a walk in the park."
*** Champion Provider Listserv***
Collaborate and communicate with other Champion Providers across the state.
Stay connected and share successes and challenges in your community change efforts.

The bill has passed through the Senate and is now with Governor Brown. He has until the end of the month to sign or veto the bill.

Lawmakers continue negotiations on the Farm Bill, which is set to expire September 30th. The version passed by the House would impose new work eligibility requirements for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Calfresh) recipients and reduce benefits.
From the Field
Note: Materials included in this section are for reference and information purposes only and do not imply endorsement by the federal government, California Department of Public Health, or the University of California, San Francisco.
ChangeLab Solutions.
To help readers develop a critical perspective on food policy, this blog post discusses 8 policies with outcomes that fall along a spectrum of impact.

Dean Schillinger, MD. PLOS. August 16, 2018.
Using the frenzy of the World Cup as backdrop, Dr. Schillinger examines the impact of the game’s largest sponsor on the health of the world.
Lia Novotny. Athena Insight. May 14, 2018.
This case outlines an innovative approach by Highland Hospital in Oakland, CA, to increase access to healthy food in the community for its patients.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. August 2018.
The CDC recently released a report card on breastfeeding practices and support throughout the US. The results show that 5 of the 8 targets for breastfeeding as outlined in the Healthy People 2020 Objectives have been reached.
National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR). August, 2018.
 NCCOR outlines the steps they have used over the past ten years to work with partners from diverse sections to impact childhood obesity research.
Alex Therrien. BBC News. August 30, 2018.
While many UK supermarkets have implemented a voluntary ban of sale to 16 year olds and younger since the government's call to action in January, the government may impose a ban on sales to anyone under 18 years old.

The Roundtable on Obesity Solutions. August 2018.
Between 2002 and 2011, the rate of obesity among active duty service members increased by more than half. This workshop examined the magnitude of obesity and overweight in the military, highlighted existing approaches that support a healthy weight, and explored innovative cross-sector opportunities to overcome this.
More Opportunities

Submissions due: September 24th, 2018

The Preventing Childhood Obesity Challenge will award $375,000 in prizes to support the creation of innovative solutions to empower low-income families to achieve healthy eating practices, healthy lifestyles, and sustainable changes within the home environment – within the broader context of their community.
September 24, 4 – 6pm
Mission Hall UCSF, Room 1400
550 16 th Street, San Francisco, CA 94158
Join UCSF’s Dr. Louise Aronson (MD, MFA) as she discusses her experience writing opinion pieces for the NY-Times, NPR and how you too can get started in writing an op-ed. The workshop is free to attend and will be followed by a reception.
Wednesday, September 26th, 2018
7:30am – 12pm; 12 - 2pm
The goal of the binational symposium is to share programs, interventions, promising practices, and strategies with a focus on policy, system, and environmental change efforts that impact communities in which people live, learn, work, shop, and play, in the California and Baja California region. This symposium is being organized by Champion Provider Fellow, Dr. Maggie Santibáñez, and will feature a presentation by UCSF Faculty, Dr. Alicia Fernández .
Wednesday, September 26
UCSF Library, 530 Parnassus Ave
Room CL-213-214
9:30 – 11:30am

During this activity participants will:
·        Learn about some of the ways in which Narrative Medicine can apply to patient care
·        Discuss a written text using tools of close reading
·        Write to a prompt based on the text
Discuss the writing and its application
Funding Opportunity

Proposals, due October 3 rd , will focus exclusively on research that informs the development of policy and environmental strategies to decrease consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and or increase access to or consumption of safe drinking water among 0-5 year olds in the US.
Approximately $2.1 million will be awarded, resulting in the funding of about seven grants. Each grant will award up to $300,000 for up to 24 months.
October 30th, 2018
Los Angeles, CA

An educational program on diabetes that is for primary care providers, by primary care providers to help:
  • navigate the changes in healthcare delivery
  • understand the explosion of new diabetes therapies
  • learn how to optimize patient care