July 2018
Did you know that July is Parks & Recreation Month?

The National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) has d eveloped this great toolkit that provides templates and promotional materials to help you celebrate.
I want to thank our June PSE Implementation & Strategies in Action webinar presenters, again, Melissa Peters, Dr. Nooshin Razani, and Dr. Cinnie Chou. You can access the recording and/or PowerPoint below, and please see "Upcoming Events" to register for the next webinar of the series.
Last, but not least, thank you to those fellows whom completed the annual survey - we appreciate your feedback and encourage you to reach out to the Champion Provider Fellowship team if you need technical assistance support to move your work forward.
In Health,

Vanessa Thompson, MD
Associate Professor, UCSF School of Medicine
Principal Investigator, Champion Provider Fellowship
Upcoming Events
Date: Tuesday, July 17th
Time:  12:15PM – 1:15PM
Professor, UCSF School of Medicine
(for Fellows only)
The Work-In-Progress call series provides an informal platform where fellows can talk about the policy, system and environmental change work they are doing in their communities and solicit feedback from their cohort and UCSF faculty members.

If you would like to present on the call, click HERE to email Jessica Davidman.
Focus Area: Collaborative Partnerships

The PSE Implementation & Strategies in Action Webinars review case studies outlined in the PSE Playbook Version 2.0 and discuss strategies used to implement interventions.
Date: Tuesday, August 21st, 2018
Time:  12PM – 1PM
Presenter: Melissa Peters , ChangeLab Solutions
Guest Speakers:
-Dr. Rachel Borovina, Champion Provider Fellow
(San Mateo County)
-Nayan Patel & Gloria Cahuich González
(San Mateo County Public Health Department representatives)
Champion Provider Fellow Activities
John Zweifler
(King's County)

The Sacramento Bee article:
(April, 2018)
Maggie Santibáñez  
(San Diego County)
Sept. 26, 2018; CECUT Tijuana, BC
Focus: Policy, Systems & Environmental change to prevent/decrease obesity.
Suzanne Afflalo
(San Diego County)
Newly Appointed:
San Diego County Supervisor's Health Services Advisory Board Member - District 1.
Take advantage of APHA's Speak for Health tools while officials are out of session this summer: 
Speaking Tips:
  • Meet with your members of Congress or their staff.
  • Attend a public forum or town hall and ask a question.
  • Call the district offices of your representatives to request a list of events near you
  • Submit an op-ed to your local paper.
  • Use social media to engage your members of Congress.
Action Alert Script:
  • Send an Action alert message to Congress
  • Call your members of Congress

California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access for All Act

-$2.83 billion will be invested in parks statewide. -$200 million to be invested in local parks on a per capita basis. 

-Prohibits the imposition, increase, levy and collection, or enforcement by a local agency of any tax, fee, or other assessment on groceries ( as defined, includes “ carbonated and non-carbonated nonalcoholic beverages”), except as provided.
-Allows a local agency to continue to levy and collect, enforce, or reauthorize any tax, fee, or other assessment on groceries imposed, extended, or increased on or before Jan. 1, 2018.
From the Field
Note: Materials included in this section are for reference and information purposes only and do not imply endorsement by the federal government, California Department of Public Health, or the University of California, San Francisco.
Jacobson,  Krieger,  Brownell. JAMA. June 28, 2018.
Social inequities in dietary patterns are increasing. It may be expected that such findings would prompt concern among policy makers, but neither Congress nor the executive branch has proposed a comprehensive plan to improve the US diet.

Eisenstein, L. New England Journal of Medicine . June 20, 2018.
Burnout that arise from the relationship between social determinants of health and health care providers’ are often overlooked. Knowing that there are certain aspects of a patient's life that medicine cannot heal, eventually lead to burnout. To begin the fight against burnout, one must focus on what can be done as a community , and not what can be done alone.

NIH: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases . June 29, 2018.
Can art, youth voices, and health advocacy help fight the diabetes epidemic? Dean Schillinger, MD, shares his unique approach and highlights "The Bigger Picture."

Bauer , L.  and  Whitmore Schanzenbach , D. Brookings . Friday, June 29, 2018.
This indicator of economic health, food insecurity, remains elevated over pre-recession rates despite the best labor market in more than a decade.
More Opportunities
Food Away From Home (FAFH) Connect & Explore Webinar

National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR)

Tuesday, July 24, 11am - 12pm PST

This webinar will discuss how FAFH choices and availability relate to diet quality, income, age, and other socioeconomic factors.

Ca ll For Proposals!

July 15-18, 2019; Anaheim, CA

COC invites individuals/organizations engaged in researching, developing, implementing and evaluating policy and environmental strategies that address root causes of childhood obesity to submit conference or pre-conference presentation session proposals for consideration.
Questions/Comments?  Please contact Jessica Davidman:
Jessica.Davidman@ucsf.edu  OR (415) 206-4499