August 2018
Accepting Applications For New Cohort October 1 st !

We are thrilled to announce that we will begin recruiting for our third cohort of the Champion Provider Fellowship! Applications open October 1 st and the deadline is December 15 th . We encourage fellows and local health departments to identify prospective candidates for the fellowship in your communities. If you would like an informational folder about the program to give to prospective candidates, please contact Jessica Davidman . Make sure to check out our website for updates and information on how to apply.

Many thanks, again, to everyone who completed the 12-month Quarterly Activity Update. We will be scheduling 30-minute follow-up calls with select fellows based on activities reported, so please be on the lookout for communication from the team.
In Health,

Vanessa Thompson, MD
Associate Professor, UCSF School of Medicine
Principal Investigator, Champion Provider Fellowship
Upcoming Events

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018
12:00PM – 1:00PM

Focus Area: Collaborative Partnerships
Presenter: Melissa Peters , ChangeLab Solutions
Gue st Speakers:
  • Dr. Rachel Borovina, Champion Provider Fellow
  • Gloria Cahuich González, San Mateo County Public Health Department

The PSE Implementation & Strategies in Action Webinars review case studies outlined in the PSE Playbook Version 2.0 and discuss strategies used to implement interventions. Contact Jessica Davidman to request copies of the Playbook by mail, or you may access it on our website.
 Work-In-Progress Call #6 
(for Fellows only)

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018
12:15PM – 1:15PM

Moderator: Dr. Alicia Fernandez, Professor, UCSF School of Medicine

The Work-In-Progress call series provides an informal platform where fellows can talk about the policy, system and environmental change work they are doing in th eir communities and solicit feedback from their cohort and UCSF faculty members.

Please contact Jessica Davidman if you would like to present on the call. 
Health Snack Day
August 29t h is Healthy Snack Day throug hout California. Check out the website fo r policy, systems, and environmental change ideas, how to participate, and more!  
Local Health Departments: Champion Provider Fellowship
Recruitment/Onboarding Info Webinar

Tuesday, September 25 th , 2018
1:30PM – 2:30PM
Registration: Click here

The Champion Provider Fellowship team will discuss the recruitment and onboarding process. The Champion Provider Fellowship is an important resource to help support local health departments’ efforts to improve the health of their communities by advancing local policy, systems and environmental (PSE) change strategies. We strongly encourage you to participate on this webinar even if you are already participating in the Champion Provider Fellowship.

The webinar will cover:
·        LHD benefits and expectations of participation in the Champion Provider Fellowship
·        2019 application process and important deadlines            
·        Healthcare provider success stories
Champion Provider Fellow Activities
(Los Angeles County)

LA County Department of Public Health awarded NEVHC with the 2018 Innovation Award for their pioneering work around food insecurity screening and resource referral. Dr. Johnson is a practicing physician at NEVHC and was involved with the pilot
Dr. Rachel Borovina
(San Mateo County)
re: Healthy Default Beverage policies

As a follow-up to the letter of support she submitted for the recent passage of Daly City’s Default Beverages in Children’s Meals ordinance (link above), Dr. Borovina submitted a letter of support for a similar statewide initiative , SB 1192. SB 1192 would require restaurants that sell a children’s meal that includes a beverage, to make the default beverage water, sparkling water, flavored water, unflavored milk or a nondairy milk alternative.

California Dental Association and California Medical Association
have filed a ballot measure for November 2020 to:
  • implement a statewide tax of 2 cents per fluid ounce on sugar-sweetened drinks
  • preserve the ability of California’s local communities to make their own decisions regarding future soda taxes

  • establishes the Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Safety Warning Act which would:
  • prohibit distribution, sales, or offering for sale a sugar-sweetened beverage in the State w/o a safety warning, as prescribed.
  • apply to SSBs in a sealed beverage container, a multipack of sugar-sweetened beverages, or a concentrate, as defined.

  • would guarantee that low-income students in charter schools have access to at least one free or reduced-price meal each school day.

  • On August 17, the Senate Appropriations Committee will announce if this bill will make it to the Senate Floor.
From the Field
Note: Materials included in this section are for reference and information purposes only and do not imply endorsement by the federal government, California Department of Public Health, or the University of California, San Francisco.
Food Research and Action Center. August 2018.
This FRAC report analyzes answers to the question, “Have there been times in the past 12 months when you did not have enough money to buy food that you or your family needed?” The question was part of a survey conducted by Gallup in 2015 as part of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, in which 177,281 households participated .

Reichel, C. Journalist’s Resource . July 2018.
How the media covers obesity offers clues to understanding broader attitudes on the issue, such as views about who is to blame for its prevalence, and where responsibility lies in addressing the issue. The article reviews 10 studies related to this topic.

Vercammen KA, et al. Obesity Reviews. July 2018.
This systematic review synthesizes evidence from 27 studies on strategies aimed to reduce SSB consumption among 0-5 year-olds. 

Grummon A.H. , et al. Obesity Reviews . August 2018.
This study aimed to systematically review articles assessing beverage consumption among children and adolescents. The most commonly assessed beverage category was sugar‐sweetened beverages. Findings suggest that improved measurement techniques and reporting are needed to track progress towards a goal of ensuring all youth have healthy beverage consumption.

 Doyle, G . Ju ly 2018.
Dr. Gerardine Doyle , Professor at UCD College of Business in Ireland, guest lecturer at UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations' "Summer Series" Grand Rounds on July 31st, 2018, proposes a new lense to approach sugar tax policy which could inform next strategies across international borders.
More Opportunities

September 13-15th, 2018
Pasadena, CA

2018 NEPO Summit's theme, “ Building the Best You: Celebrating the Joy of Medicine ,” will address issues of physician burnout and provide solutions to create a culture of wellness and physician well-being

The NEPO Summit will provide you with opportunities to learn about key health policy issues, building diversity in the workforce and increasing cultural competency in clinical care.

September 26th, 2018
CECUT Tijuana, BC
October 30th, 2018
Los Angeles, CA

An educational program on diabetes that is for primary care providers, by primary care providers to help:
  • navigate the changes in healthcare delivery
  • understand the explosion of new diabetes therapies
  • learn how to optimize patient care

Submissions due: September 24th, 2018

The Preventing Childhood Obesity Challenge will award $375,000 in prizes to support the creation of innovative solutions to empower low-income families to achieve healthy eating practices, healthy lifestyles, and sustainable changes within the home environment – within the broader context of their community.