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February 2011

Dear Valued Customers,

As many of you know, supporting the world's best athletes is a big part of the Champion System philosophy.  In this newsletter you will read what new athletes have joined the Champion System family and what athletes are returning.  Our new "Company Spotlight" section is a great chance to let our customers know more about your company. Want to sprint better? Coach David Van Newkirk, a member of our new Coaches Incentive Program, will tell you how in this month's "Training Tip". Last but not least, the Champion System Pro Cycling Team made their racing debut at Malaysia's Tour de Langkawi.  To follow the team online visit www.teamchampionsystem.com.

Team Champion System Makes Its Debut at Tour de Langkawi



The Champion System Pro Cycling Team made its racing debut at the prestigious Tour de Langkawi.  After Stage 3 the team had two riders in the top 10 overall.  Then the difficult mountain stages came.  With no pure climbers in the race the riders slipped a bit in the overall standings but it was still an amazing start for the team.  The revelation of the race was our own Deon Locke, who was in the longest breakaway of the race when he stayed off the front for close to 100 kilometers before he was eventually caught.  Up next for the team is India's Tour of Mumbai, February 11-13.   


You can follow all the team updates at www.teamchampionsystem.com.



Introducing the Brooklyn Bun!   

On April 17, 2011, the first ever Brooklyn Bun will race through Brooklyn, New York's Prospect Park.  The course will take participants on a counterclockwise circuit of the Park's internal roads.  Leading off the event is a 20K bike leg with a time-trial start. Once athletes complete the bike segment they will transition to a 5K run along the same race course and finish on Center Drive.  A post-race finish festival, complete with awards ceremony, will take place on the grass in the Nethermead.  Champion System is proud to be an official partner of the Brooklyn Bun.   


For more information go to www.BrooklynBun.com.


Yale Bulldog Cycling Team 

The Yale Bulldog Cycling Team is a Club Sports sponsored group of cyclists at Yale University that race in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC), or more affectionately known as "The E-Triple-C". The Yale Cycling team is composed of undergraduate, graduate and professional students from every program offered at Yale. While the major focus of Bulldog Cycling is the spring road season, Bulldogs can be found racing in the MTB, CX and track disciplines as well. The eclectic mix of students gives the Yale Cycling Team a vibrant team culture and an expansive level of experience. This dynamic is displayed not only at Yale but in collegiate cycling in the ECCC. Former and current national champions ride side by side with those riders who have purchased a bike only very recently. The transfer of knowledge and the ability for new riders to excel is greatly enhanced by the environment afforded to collegiate cyclists.


Yale has a long history in the sport of cycling with news clippings and photos that date its existence back to 1891. There are rumors of campus-to-campus races with Princeton, as well as rumors of Yalies racing each other to Vassar College as a "mixer" event. While these old races may have been more for fun, the rich tradition of Yale Cycling continues today. Yale championed the Ivy League Trophy for four consecutive years 2006-2009 - a feat not accomplished by Yale any other time dating back to the 1960s. In 2007, Yale also accomplished something it had never done. The Bulldogs won the Eastern Conference Championship Cup hosted at Vassar College, perhaps inspired by those old tales of racing to Vassar. There have also been many accomplishments on the national level of racing. Check out the archives on the team's website for more information at http://www.yale.edu/cycling.


Yale recently began hosting a component of the ECCC's spring road season calendar in New Haven, CT. Lux et Velocitas is a three-race weekend that challenges racers in the historic East Rock Park section of New Haven. In order to involve the community, there are open race categories as well as a fundraiser for the CT Challenge. Four-hundred members of the ECCC will converge on New Haven for what has become a wonderful event, in part thanks to Champion System's help in creating a buzz for our KoM. Champion System provides King of the Mountain Classification jerseys for the Race The Rock ITT and RR. This makes this the only race weekend on the ECCC's road calendar that provides a champion's jersey.  


This season the Bulldogs have 46 registered racers ready to participate in 8 weekends of the ECCC spring road calendar beginning on March 5 at Rutgers University in New Jersey and ending at Penn State's hosting of the Eastern Conference Championship on April 23-24. The full calendar of ECCC road events can be found at http://collegiatecycling.org/eccc. The Bulldogs will race these weekends hoping to earn a spot at Collegiate Road Nationals in Madison, WI. This long season takes its toll on all levels and riders without the terrific companionship that cyclists offer, it would sometimes be miserable. No matter how tough the course or how harsh the weather, they always have a great time.


More information on Yale's Lux et Velocitas race weekend as well as winners of the KoM and the rest of the Bulldogs team can be found at http://www.yale.edu/cycling.

Endurance Films 


Launched a decade ago with the landmark documentary, Triathlon: Through the Eyes of the Elite, Endurance Films is now a multisport industry leader and official production company for USA Triathlon. Endurance Film's library includes titles such as Jeff Galloway Marathon Training, The Athlete's Guide to Yoga presented by author Sage Rountree, and the tremendously popular indoor cycling training series Rides. Team USA fans can even purchase USA Triathlon Training Series triathlon and cycling gear made, of course, by Champion System.


Honoring the one-year anniversary of the release of the USA Triathlon Training Series sponsored by Champion System, Endurance Films is pleased to offer the series to the ChampSys community at an exclusive 25% discount. That's over a $30 savings! Just go to www.EnduranceFilms.com and enter the promo code: USATCS11. This series is the first and only training video product presented by USA Triathlon and features some of the most renowned talent in the world.






Ever Thought about Training for a Marathon, Triathlon, or 100-Mile Bike Ride for a great cause?


Join the Team!  Team In Training is the world's largest endurance sports training program and the most successful fundraising campaign of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  The program provides training to run or walk a full or half marathon or complete a triathlon or 100-mile bike ride.  Participants will raise funds for blood cancer research and patient services in exchange for personalized training, airfare, lodging and race entry.


The Team is currently registering participants - beginners and seasoned athletes alike! - for events including the New York City Triathlon, San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon & Half Marathon, America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride (Lake Tahoe) and more!  Future events will include a half-Ironman triathlon in the Poconos, the New York City Marathon, and others.


To learn more, visit www.teamintraining.org/nyc or contact Ben Spoer at ben.spoer@lls.org or 212-376-6742.


What NHL pro hockey team was also the title sponsor of a professional cycling team?  


The first person to email newsletter@champ-sys.com will win a Champion System Cycling Cap!

Champion System Announces 2011 Roster of Sponsored Athletes and Events 

Champion System would like to welcome back Greg Bennett, Laura Bennett, and Javier Gomez to the CS family as we renew our sponsorship with them through to the 2012 Olympics.


Please join us in welcoming the following athletes to our family:


Champion System Sponsored Triathletes:


-Matty Reed, USA

-Sara McLarty, USA

-Andrew Starykowicz, USA

-Stuart Hayes, UK

-Jeffrey Lawrence, USA

-Steve Ryan, USA

-Lauren Goss, TEAM IE , USA

-Kaleb VanOrt, Team  IE, USA

-Nicole Kelleher, Team IE, USA

-Frank Sarosdy, USA

-Jason Watson, USA

-Nick Early, USA

-Erin Spitler, USA

- Justin Harris, USA

-Tri4Him, USA



Champion System Sponsored Events:


Edient Sport Marketing Events:


- Amica TexasMan Triathlon (5/15/11)

- Amica 5430 Sprint Triathlon (6/19/11)

- Amica 19.7 Triathlon at Stumpy Creek (6/26/11)

- Amica 19.7 Tellico Sprint Triathlon (7/17/11)

- Amica 19.7 Ocean Beach (7/24/11)

- Amica Mid-Summer Triathlon (7/31/11)

- Amica 19.7 Boston (8/13/11)  

- Amica 19.7 Lake Las Vegas (8/28/11)

- Amica 19.7 Newport (9/24/11)

- Amica 19.7 Phoenix (11/6/11)

-Cox Sports Marathon

- Half Marathon


- Kids' Marathon

- Amica Marathon


Sun Multisport Events:


-Patriot Half

-Minuteman Sprint

-Whaling City

-Westborough Sprint Triathlon

-Cranberry Trifest



Cycling Events:


-Bike New York TD Bank 5 Boro Bike Tour


Grand Fondo:


-New Jersey Gran Fondo


Tri Events


-Nautica New York City Triathlon


Life Time Fitness Toyota Race to the Cup Tri Series


-Capital of Texas Triathlon

-Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon

-Life Time Fitness Triathlon

-Life Time Fitness Chicago Triathlon

-Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Triathlon - Toyota US Open Triathlon



How To Win a Sprint With Coach David VanNewkirk

Training to Win a Sprint Finish  


Bike races are won by the person who finishes fastest.  Sounds trite, doesn't it?  Of course it does.  It's also true.  The biggest question is how to train so that you can be that person.  The simple answer is to train to your strengths.   


If you have huge peak power numbers and can achieve high leg speed, you are a pure sprinter.  If your peak numbers aren't fantastic, but you can keep them pretty high for a minute or more, you may be an opportunist.  If neither of these descriptions fits you, don't worry - all is not lost.  


A pure sprint is won by a surge of power and speed during the final 100-200 meters of the race.  These sprints aren't won by power-to-weight ratio, but simply by brute force and leg speed.  You will need to train for both - quick application of power to get the bike to jump, and the leg speed to hit top velocity at the right time.  Once my sprinter clients have a good fitness base, I start them working on these two things:

  •  From a near-standing start, stand and sprint all-out in a big gear (something like a 53x15).  Go as hard as you can for 12-15 seconds.  Shift if necessary, but if you do, start in a higher gear the next time.  I typically recommend  3-5 sets with 5 repetitions per set.
  • From a rolling start, stand and sprint all-out in a tiny gear (something like a 39x17).  Go as hard as you can for 12-15 seconds, but do not shift and do not sit.  Simply aim to go as fast as possible by spinning your legs faster.  Your set is done when your top speed drops by 10%.  Recover for 5 minutes.  Do 3-5 sets.

An opportunist is sometimes called a kilo-specialist, referring to the 1000 meter track event by that name.  If you can't match the big guys' sprint on the finish line, you may be able to take the sprint out of their legs by going early.  Really early.  You'll need to be able to accelerate hard enough to drop the non-sprinters, but also keep the pace high enough that the folks who go with you can't accelerate again.  To make a 500m or kilometer move work, you'll want to build on the following:


  • From a steady low-tempo pace, practice accelerations in the saddle.  For 30 seconds to 1 minute, push as big a gear as you can sustain while staying in the saddle. Shift when necessary to avoid bouncing or bobbing. Focus on relaxing your upper body the entire time.  Do 5 or more repetitions during your workout with at least 2 minutes between repetitions.  Stop when your average power for the effort drops by 10%.
  • From steady high-tempo, practice multiple accelerations.  Stand and sprint in one gear higher for 5 seconds, then sit and resume your previous pace.  Repeat this effort 3-5 times with 30 seconds between sprints. Rest 5 minutes before doing another set. Do 3 sets.


So what do you do if you don't fit either category? I recently trained a client (who weighs all of 128 pounds with his shoes filled with water) to a state criterium championship win.  The technique?  Sprint from the starting gun for 5-10 seconds, then settle into 95% TT effort.  After 5 minutes, repeat.  Continue doing this until you're all alone then peg it as close to your TT effort as possible for the remainder of the race.  I have my riders who fit this category (lightweight climbing specialists, time-trialists, and triathletes starting to race on the road) focus on 5-8 minute LT efforts that start with a 10 second sprint.  This race technique won't work every time, but it will probably work at least once - keep trying!


David VanNewkirk lives and races in Austin, Texas.  Now a 5-year USAC certified coach, David offers coaching services to everyone from fitness cyclists to Olympic-level triathletes.   


Find out more about his coaching services at www.vannewkirkcyclefitness.com



CS Custom Criterium / MTB Skinsuit

When skinsuits were first introduced in the 1980's, serious racers started using them in all types of events. They quickly realized the fabric did not breathe well, and used them for time trials only. We're now offering the CS Criterium/MTB skinsuit to solve this problem. Made from our exclusive CS Tech Mesh fabric, the entire upper and short side panels are made from a breatheable stretch mesh fabric for increased ventilation. This suit combines the aerodynamics of a skinsuit with the breathability of a jersey, making it the perfect suit for longer events.


  • Unlimited number of colors
  • Available with either Performance or Endurance Chamois - click here for more info 
  • 4-Way´┐Ż stretch chamois -- click here for more info 
  • No extra charge for colored shorts
  • Features 2 rear pockets
  • No extra charge for back panel printing
  • Superb leg grippers
  • Lycra colors available in black, red, blue, navy, green, gray and orange

 Learn More

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