30 Years of CE lebrations!
The year 2020 marks 30 years of celebrations for the CE Group!
In 1990, we started as The Little Engine That Could and have grown into creating impressive strategic events and campaigns. We’re still a “little-big” company but have expanded exponentially from offering only two services to seven. Previously event-based, we are now an experience-based marketing firm. Of course, we have always created experiences but now it is truly our mindset.

Our theme for this monumental 30 th  year and beyond is
Champions of Celebration. It’s truly what CE Group has always been – immersive, experiential, activated, curating, memory-making—and now we have a name for it.

The thread that brings this all together is our desire to build meaningful connections. Throughout the years we have donated hundreds of thousands worth of dollars and time. We’ve always been charitable, but this year we are striving to be more purposeful. We have launched a philanthropic fund that will be used to give back to the underserved community, where volunteers and other companies aren’t already reaching. Our goal is to be the Champions of Celebration for those who aren’t often celebrated. We look forward to an impactful year and celebrate you for being a part
of this journey with us.

CE Group Family of Brands
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