Issue 6 - March 2015 Newsletter
World Athletics Rankings Gaining Momentum!
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This month was exciting for me.  I spent some time at the USATF East Regional and much time at the USATF Masters Championships talking to you about your rankings system - (US Track & Field Masters Rankings) & (World Masters Athletics Rankings) are all about you. There is nothing better than talking to you - it was really invigorating.  
It is okay to report errors!
Thank you to all the people who came to talk to me during the USATF Masters Indoor Championships. Many great points were discussed. My apologies to the people who wanted to but couldn't get to talk to me. Please feel free to call me (845-635-9487). 

Here are some of the items discussed:
  • This rankings system is for everybody regardless of performance.  Your performances are welcome if they were at an organized meet in accordance with WMA / USATF rules;
  • Please report errors. I understand some people's reluctance to let me know but it is important to correct. This makes the rankings more accurate;
  • Separate list for 400 meter not fully automatically timed. This is a concern brought up to me before and will be considered. Please email me with your thoughts on separating these results from the main rankings lists (like results from events 200 meters and shorter);
  • Funding's mission - thank you to all the people giving ideas and offering to help "knock on doors."  The emails and mailed prospectuses are not an effective way to get companies and ultra-wealthy to embrace the mission and compel them to support.  All of you can help obtain funding to sustain the rankings sites by contacting people you know who may be able to provide major support funding.
Championship Results in Rankings
This month is championship month as you know. Championship results for Belgium, Canada, Latvia, UK and US are inserted.  European and Australian championship results should be inserted by early next week. All of the other championships' results (as well as all other meets) belong in the rankings site. You can help get results listed by sending me the results in the rankings results spreadsheet. 

By the numbers (since the last newsletter):
  • 19,274 performances added (1,017 by athlete submission);
  • Representing 6,487 athletes;
  • From 60 countries;
  • There are 2,300 more athletes listed. 
Did you donate within the past 13 months? 
Thank you to everyone who has donated and kept this site going. Many of you have said that you intended to contribute each year because you understood your donations help me survive while putting in the immense effort. The  contributors page will include donations made within the past 13 months.  

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Want a better rankings site?
Your Masters T&F Rankings website continues to grow thanks to your support and help. Yes, I said "your rankings site" because this site is for your information and benefit and I am really focused on making this more complete and better for you by trying to obtain every appropriate performance, make improvements and add features you want. Please take the survey and let me know how I can make it even better / more helpful for you.


Would you tell the world what this means to you (it can be anonymously)?  Please log a testimonial which will help others, including those who want to invest in this site's future, understand how important it is to keep this site going.


Want to help raise sustainable funding?
There is much more work than I can handle so I am raising funds to hire staff and do other things that will ensure we can maintain and sustain complete, real-time, all-inclusive rankings lists. My latest fundraising campaign is to sell advertising. You can help me secure advertisers by asking your friends and contacts to support this site (or forward contact information to me).


Thank you so much.  It is an honor for me to serve athletes worldwide. I hope I can execute all my plans for a spectacular website benefiting countless people.
John Seto
(845) 635-9487
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