Construction Update

Champlain Parkway Project

DATE: Friday, October 21, 2022


Blasting activities will continue over the next several weeks along the roadway alignment for the Champlain Parkway east of Briggs Street within the City’s Right-of-Way between Flynn Avenue and Ferguson Avenue. Please note, the closer to the blasting area the more noticeable the vibrations and sound associated with each blasting event will be. For additional information on the blasting procedure and impacts, click here.

Batchelder Street will remain closed to through traffic during working hours to facilitate sewer work. Residential access will be maintained. This work will require temporary residential driveway closure for the installation of residential sewer services. Property owners will be contacted directly. Through traffic between Home Avenue and Morse Place will be maintained via a temporary roadway constructed just west of Batchelder Street. The temporary roadway will be restricted to one lane with alternating one-way traffic. There is the potential for work to begin on Home Avenue later next week under lane closure.


Please note, all work will be restricted to the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Flaggers will be present to assist motorists through the work zone. All roadway and lane closures will reopen during the evening hours between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m and on weekends. Access to residential and business driveways will be maintained throughout the work unless alerted otherwise. Businesses will remain open!

Utility work will continue throughout the project along Flynn Avenue, Briggs Street, and Morse Place. Work will include the installation of new sewer lines, water lines, stormwater infrastructure, duct bank, and conduit.

Crews should be completing the installation of sewer line along Flynn Avenue between Foster Street and the railroad tracks and will begin installing water line. This work will be completed under a single lane closure with alternating east-west traffic. The remaining utility work will be completed over the next several weeks. For additional information and graphics, click here.

Crews will continue installing sewer line between Lyman Avenue and Home Avenue. Next week, work will focus on the area near Batchelder Street. This work is weather dependent.

Crews will continue working on the stormwater detention pond near Englesby Brook. In addition, crews will begin installing the grass drainage swale between Sears Lane and the culvert. This work will be completed off the roadway.

Sears Lane will continue to be closed to thru traffic west of Kaigle’s Service Center. Emergency vehicle access will remain. The pedestrian crossing between Sears Lane and Harrison Avenue will remain open. Vehicle access to the HULA Lakeside Offsite Parking Lot (HULA parking lot) will now be from Lakeside Avenue only.  


These activities are anticipated and subject to change as construction conditions dictate.

  • Utility work will continue throughout the project:
  • Flynn Avenue will remain under lane reduction
  • Batchelder Street will be closed to through traffic
  • Temporary roadway will remain under lane reduction
  • Blasting activities will continue along Briggs Street
  • Work will continue on the stormwater detention pond
  • Preparation for installation of the Englesby Brook box culvert


The Champlain Parkway Project spans a 2.8-mile area from the I-189 intersection with US 7 to Lakeside Avenue, and includes upgrades to Lakeside Avenue, and improvements to the section of Pine Street between Lakeside Avenue and Main Street. 

The initial contract includes the construction of the Champlain Parkway from Home Avenue to Lakeside Avenue, upgrades to Lakeside Avenue, and improvements to the section of Pine Street between Lakeside Avenue and Kilburn Street. 


Initial Contract 2024

Final Contract 2027

Project Website


For more information about the project please visit the project website or contact the project team via the project hotline, 802-496-8956 or by email:

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