Construction Update

Champlain Parkway Project

DATE: Friday, July 29, 2022


Sears Lane will continue to be closed to through traffic west of Kaigle‚Äôs Service Center. Emergency vehicle access will remain. The pedestrian path between Sears Lane and Harrison Avenue will remain open. Vehicle access to the HULA Lakeside Offsite Parking Lot will now be from Lakeside Avenue only.  


Crews will be on-site Monday, August 1, through Friday, August 5, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Throughout the week, crews will continue work on the installation of the stormwater sand filter located off the roadway just west of the Champlain College Miller Building on Lakeside Avenue and the installation of the additional stormwater drainage infrastructure leading into the sand filter. Work includes excavating the area where the sand filter will be located and installing the stormwater drainage within the project Right of Way along the east side of the parking area between Lakeside Avenue and Sears Lane. 

Installation of stormwater drainage leading to the sand filter.

Work will continue off the roadway to the west of Pine Street between Sears Lane and Flynn Avenue. Crews will continue to excavate the area for the stormwater detention pond near the location of the box culvert in preparation for installation. Ground improvements will continue throughout the area where the future culvert work will take place for Englesby Brook. Ground improvement work will continue over the next several weeks and will include noticeable vibrations.

Installation of the piers as part of the ground improvement system.

Early stages of the Englesby stormwater detention pond construction.


The Champlain Parkway Project spans a 2.8-mile area from the I-189 intersection with US 7 to Lakeside Avenue, and includes upgrades to Lakeside Avenue, and improvements to the section of Pine Street between Lakeside Avenue and Main Street. 

The initial contract includes the construction of the Champlain Parkway from Home Avenue to Lakeside Avenue, upgrades to Lakeside Avenue, and improvements to the section of Pine Street between Lakeside Avenue and Kilburn Street. 

PROJECTED COMPLETION: Initial Contract 2024

                                                    Final Contract 2027

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