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The Champlain Parkway Project will be conducting drilling and blasting activities to remove hard rock and ledge below the roadway surface. Blasting activities will take place along the roadway alignment for the Champlain Parkway east of Briggs Street within the City’s Right-of-Way between Flynn Avenue and Ferguson Avenue (shown in red below). Crews will begin drilling activities starting TOMORROW, Thursday, October 6, with the first blasting events anticipated to begin Friday, October 7, 2022. Blasting activities will continue over the next several weeks. Blasting events will be restricted to weekdays, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM.

Typically, there will be no more than two blasting events per day. Prior to a blasting event, vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic will be temporarily restricted from the blasting area (shown in the graphic below) for several minutes until the blasting event has been completed and a blasting specialist has cleared the area. 


What to expect?

Blasting activities will consist of a series of small blasts. These blasts will occur underground and be contained using blasting mats. There will be no visible explosion such as fireballs, flying debris, or major dust clouds. Small rumblings and vibrations in the ground may be felt depending on the proximity to the blast location. The blasts will not be loud and will not cause buildings to shake or rattle

What precautions are being taken?

The contractor, the S.D. Ireland Brothers and Kubricky Construction Corporation Joint Venture (SDK), its blasting subcontractor, Maine Drilling and Blasting, and the pre-blast survey consultant, Tardif Consulting, Inc., have documented structural conditions prior to drilling and blasting. Seismographs have been deployed throughout the project area to record vibrations and ensure vibrations limits are not exceeded. In addition, Tardif Consulting, Inc. has conducted pre-blast surveys for the adjacent properties within 500 feet of the blasting zone. 

What is the blasting procedure?

Prior to blasting, vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic will be temporarily restricted from the blasting area. Audible signals will be used to notify the public of an upcoming blasting event which includes three whistles to indicate a five-minute warning, two whistles to indicate a one-minute warning, and one whistle to indicate the all-clear. The all-clear will be followed by the blasting event. After each blasting event, a blasting specialist will clear the area before allowing vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic to reenter.

Who will be conducting the blasting operations?

The contractor, SDK, has hired Maine Drilling and Blasting as its blasting subcontractor. Maine Drilling and Blasting is a company originally based out of Maine that currently services the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Maine Drilling and Blasting specializes in drilling and blasting operations with over 50 years of experience and over two million controlled blasts. 

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The Champlain Parkway Project spans a 2.8-mile area from the I-189 intersection with US 7 to Lakeside Avenue, and includes upgrades to Lakeside Avenue, and improvements to the section of Pine Street between Lakeside Avenue and Main Street. 

The initial contract includes the construction of the Champlain Parkway from Home Avenue to Lakeside Avenue, upgrades to Lakeside Avenue, and improvements to the section of Pine Street between Lakeside Avenue and Kilburn Street. 


Initial Contract 2024

Final Contract 2027

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For more information about the project please visit the project website champlainparkway.comcontact the project team via the project hotline, 802-496-8956 or by email:, or sign up to receive project information directly to your email.

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