October 2017
See Us at SIIA - Get a Chance to Win!

Complete Health Systems will have a booth at the annual Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA) conference, October 8-10. Conference participants who stop by the CHS booth (number 500), and who leave a business card, will be entered to win a $50 gift card. CHS will also donate $50 to the charity of the winner's choice. 

If the winner's choice is one of the three charities we have selected, we will double our donation to $100! Be sure to stop by our booth, enter to win, and learn more about how Complete Health Systems can help your organization.

Small Businesses May Benefit from 
Self-Funded Insurance

Once thought too risky for small businesses, self-funded insurance is becoming a better option for small businesses thanks to the rise of stop-loss insurance. 

Stop-loss keeps small businesses who are self-funded from risks associated with an employee who might be seriously hurt or sick. For more details  click here. 

(Source: Forbes.com)
Making Precision Medicine More Precise
"All of Us" Study Looks at DNA, Environmental and Lifestyle Effects on Health

A new study from the National Institute  of Health will look for one million volunteers to see how the combined variables of DNA, environmental and lifestyle factors affect the health of Americans. 

The 10-year-long study will help develop precision medicine that can help create treatments more individualized for patients. Currently, precision medicine is most often used in cancer protocols but researchers hope one day this precision can branch into treatment for diabetes, heart disease, and more.

Hacker Updates

Ransomware Targeting Health Care
Much like other kinds of ransomware, the Defray strain tricks victims into opening a document, unleashing the virus. However, Defray is trickier than most as it has more sophisticated social engineering  lures. The Defray lure is much more customized to the victim and is harder to spot than the usual kinds of ransomware hacks.  Read more here.

(Source: Health IT News)

Think Twice Before Opening
One the latest ransomware phishing attack tricks victims into opening what look like an internally scanned document. The Konica Minolta is one of the world's most popular scanner/printer combinations in the world. The emails from hackers look like legitimate attachments and are savvy enough to avoid spam filters. As always, stay vigilant when opening any kind of attachments.

(Source: KnowB4)

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