Sherry Hopson
Executive and Personal Advisor

August 2015 
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My greatest joy with my work is seeing clients make breakthroughs and move forward in their life.    I love some of the stories that come out of our sessions.

Fears and Phobias can really destroy any sort of normalcy in a  person's  life. This client (I am going to call Tom) suffered so badly from one. Tom was not able to go beyond  50 feet from his home before going into a complete panic attack  and hyper ventilating. This started as a young child but the panic attacks became worse when his mother passed away and he was on his own.  I found that he had sub conscious memories from birth of being strangled from the umbilical cord being wrapped around his neck.  The doctors struggled to revive him after birth.  His mother had told him the story of his  birth but he didn't realize that it had affected him to the point of being able to create panic attacks.
 He also had memories and fragmentation from a past life of being tortured as a war criminal. These experiences created a perception of his world as not being safe. Tom's past life involved providing transportation for those that were smuggling items through the country during WWII.   When he traveled and left a safe haven it would bring back the memories of being tortured resulting in a panic attack. Tom began to understand that he was helping the war effort to save his country. I then went through the process of clearing the soul fragments from both the birthing process and the past life torture. He was  finally able to feel more at peace.  Tom's karmic lesson was to learn about trust and faith.

Understanding our soul memories and what we are reacting from aides us in healing our perceptions of our life and moves us into completion of our lessons. 
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I know that many of you have been looking for the newsletter for the past month, I am sorry for the delay. This summer has been such a busy and rewarding time in my life.  I was given an award for being a  top adviser from a International Corporate client and  also a Honorary Guest for the Special Olympic World Games in Los Angeles.  Both events were so heartfelt and fulfilling. I am so grateful for all of you that support my efforts and growth.  Look forward to working with you soon. 


Here a Change
There a Change
Every where a Change!


Change can be devastating for a lot of us. There are times we are asking for it and  it feels like it never comes and then there are times  it comes along when we least expect it and we are not ready for it and are kicking and screaming all the way through it. 

We spend a lot of time focusing, praying, begging or pleading with the universe to give us what we feel we desire and want in our lives. We seek the changes without the realization that what we are truly seeking is a new belief for ourselves and our desires that we focus on are just the road map to get us where we need to be to learn that new belief. 

When life throws us a curve ball resulting in people, places or things moving away from us that we are not ready to accept, those are the times that we need to take a step back and ask ourselves what we are learning from the process of change.   The universe shifts our outer world when our emotional self is ready to move forward.

 Have you ever noticed that when we are ready for change and we accept the change in our lives that not only does it feel gratifying as a source of success but also there is a natural progression of events that occur for everything to fall into place.

So let go, allow and feel your success!      


Hydrate For Health    

A great way to keep hydrated an d healthy d uring the summer months is to take advantage of the wide selection of the fresh fruit and herbs to make some delicious refreshing health packed flavored waters.  There are so many different possibilities and easy to make.  Fill a pitcher of water and add your favorite fruit and herbs, place in the refrigerator over night, and enjoy. 

Here are a few of my favorite recipes that may inspire you to create your new health drink.....Cheers!

Raspberry and Lime,

good for the Lymphatic

Peach and Ginger, 
good for the Brain

Cucumber and Mint,
good for the Liver 

Cilantro and Lime,

good for the Spleen

Grapefruit, Cinnamon Stick and Coconut water,
good for the Heart.   

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