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Okay, so it's not even fall yet technically...but, the Change Food event will happen spring 2016 and we're excited to share our plans with you!  So consider this the start of our Spring countdown.  We'll keep you updated on all our plans and how you might be able to get involved.  Read on for more.

Change Food Fest Coming in Spring!
Change Food - NYC Spring 2016
"Brave Food World"

The first annual Change Food event will take place late April or early May 2016 in New York City.  This 3-day immersive festival will include action, adventure, feasting, films, talks and more and will focus on solutions and actions being taken to change the food system.

Are you interested in being part of Change Food - the Fest?  Ways you can get involved include:
Welcome Back! 
Our Guide to Good Food Blog Returns

We're thrilled to announce our relaunch of Change Food's  Guide to Good Food Blog. So, don't wait to hear from us just once a month. We'll regularly update the blog to bring you: features on Change Food Friends, sustainable food news, advice on eating and living sustainably - and much more. 
Photo courtesy of Horseman Trail Farm

Check out our Guide to Good Food blog to stay connected with the growing and active Change Food community. 

What's New on The Guide to Good Food Blog?

Photo courtesy of Jason Houston
Eating with Kids: Family Meals Matter
As summer winds down, families gear up for the back to school routine. This means earlier mornings, shuttling kids to and from school, fitting in basketball practice, dance class, piano lessons, homework and time with friends. Each family is 
stretched for time and 
something critical  is missing -
family dinner...
Photo courtesy Stephen Ritz/Green Bronx Machine & Masumoto Family Farm
Celebrate the Peach!
August 22nd was National Eat a Peach Day. Each day of the calendar year is increasingly being used to celebrate or to bring awareness to a variety of things: like Earth Day for major environmental issues, and World Breastfeeding Week for a critical international women's right. In the food world, each day has also been selected for a food product...Read more!
Community Connection: Amp Your Good & Pat O'Neill
Pat O'Neill is the CEO and Founder of Amp Your Good. Pat grew up in a small family restaurant business which doubled as their rural community's informal soup kitchen. His childhood lesson on the importance of getting high quality food to those facing tough times led to his development of his company.

Amp Your Good is designed to enable groups around the country to run healthier food drives where donors can contribute real, perishable food like fruits and vegetables instead of the usual canned goods.
Amp Your Good is currently organizing the REAL Food Drive Campaign in partnership with Food Day, Change Food, the National Association of Health and Fitness, and many other terrific organizations.   The campaign runs from September 15 to Thanksgiving - which is the peak time for food drives.   

The campaign will be hosted on Amp Your Good's crowd-feeding platform, developed to make donating to a food drive easy and to ensure that people facing hunger get the food they really need. 
About Community Connections
Change Food doesn't sit around in an office typing newsletters to you once a month - Change Food is a community.  It's all of us who are working to eat healthier and change the food system. So we want to get to know you. Who are you? Who or what group should we promote and why?  
Let us know who you are by filling out this form so we can consider promoting you in a future newsletter.
Change Food Updates

Change Food 
Changing Minds

The USA Pavilion at EXPO Milano 2015 has launched "Mentor Minds" as part of their Innovation Program. It's a series of more than 70 short interviews that, as the USA Pavilion says, "will inspire revolutionary perspectives through genuine contributions of extraordinary speakers." Change Food Founder Diane Hatz was asked about her thoughts on food and the food movement.  

Diane also sat down with Food Tank
recently to talk about "Giving the Food Movement a Voice."

Diane also sat down with Bhavani Jaroff of iEatGreen from the Progressive Radio Network to talk about Change Food and the food movement.


Henry Hargreaves Exposes Sugar through Photography

Photo courtesy of Henry Hargreaves
At TEDxManhattan 2015, Henry Hargreaves , New York City based photographer & artist, spoke about how he became inspired as an artist by the food people eat and the food choices they make.

Six months later, Henry continues to find unique ways to connect food and art - and make a statement in the process. In his newest project, de(hydrate), Henry got creative in the kitchen and behind the lens! He separated the sugar from a variety of common soft drinks to make lollipops, and then photographed his creations. How much sugar are you really drinking? Check this out and you will truly see

Link In with Change Food

Follow the Change Food company page on LinkedIn in order to connect with Change Food and the Change Food team.  We'll also be publishing original pieces to guide you on networking, collaborating and working within the food movement.  More to come soon!

Step Into Fall with 
the  NEW Change Food Challenge
Photo courtesy of Horseman Trail Farm
Say goodbye to summer and welcome fall by taking the NEW Change Food Challenge!  Challenge yourself to organize a lunchtime or after work/school video club around a food issue that matters to you. 

Resources are at your fingertips. Click here to visit the Change Food Video Library to find videos that feed your passion for changing the food system. Invite your coworkers, fellow students, professors, friends, or family to join you for just an hour (or longer!) to connect over food.  

Why not do this for Food Day? And as a lead-up to the Change Food Fest.  Within the next couple of weeks, we'll be adding a step-by-step guide to help you organize your event.

Share how you completed the NEW Change Food Challenge and perhaps we will feature your event in a future newsletter.  And besides letting us know about your event, post a review of it on the Change Food Tumblr site.

Enjoy the rest of your summer - and don't forget to encourage your friends and family to join the Change Food community!  Forward this email and get them involved.

Delicious thoughts,

Diane and Caitlin

Diane Hatz
Founder & Executive Director, Change Food 
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