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Change Food Salon on Factory Farming
Change Food Video Library and Educational Kits
TEDxManhattan a Success
TEDxManhattan Award Winner: Green Bronx Machine and Stephen Ritz
"The Meatrix: Relaunched" at TEDxManhattan
Jamie Oliver Needs You!
Julie Engerran and George Faison Join Change Food Advisory Board
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April 2015

Welcome to the April Change Food newsletter!  We apologize for our slight absence - there's been so much going on and there never seems to be enough time.  But we're back, we're re-focused, and we have some really exciting things underway - so read on!


Change Food Salon on Factory Farming


Hog Factory Farm

Change Food will present a Salon about factory farming on Tuesday, June 16th, from 6:00 - 9:00pm in New York City.  


At the salon, we will show TEDxManhattan talks by Michele Merkel and Kendra Kimbirauskas.  Both speakers will be in attendance and will lead a discussion with the audience around the factory farm issue.


For tickets, please visit Seating is very limited so please register early.  


This salon is being held so we can develop an event template around this issue. We want to encourage people around the country - and world - to host their own salons and events around critical issues with the food system, especially factory farming, so we will be using the event to help us outline how others can host similar get togethers. Any and all input and ideas welcome, so we hope you will join us.   


More information to come shortly!

Change Food Video Library and Educational Kits

Change Fo
od's extensive video  library is now in beta. We're very excited & it  looks amazing. 

The Video Library will hold short-length videos about food and farming, as well as tackle issues with our food system. It will contain TEDxManhattan, other relevant TEDx and TED talks, and other professionally shot short films.

We have also started gathering information to create educational kits around key talks.  These kits will contain more information on the subject matter at hand and what people can do about the topic.  
We're hoping to share it  with you next month so stay tuned.
TEDxManhattan a Success!


We Are What We Eat | Henry Hargreaves | Photographer and Cultural Commentator

Change Food is the lead sponsor for TEDxManhattan,

"Changing the Way We Eat," an annual gathering of innovators in sustainable food and farming that takes one day to present but the rest of the year to do lead-up planing and organizing as well as many months to market and promote the resulting online talks. The videos from TEDxManhattan 2015 are now available online.  In less than 3 weeks, they already have over 41,000 views!  Watch them all and share with friends. 

We got amazing press coverage - with over 608 Million media impressions and a social media reach of 12 million people and 21 million impressions.  You can find  press coverage of this year's event on the TEDxManhattan site.  And photos from the event are  available on Flickr!
TEDxManhattan Award Winner: Green Bronx Machine and Stephen Ritz


Green Bronx Machine: National Health and Wellness Center at PS 55 | Stephen Ritz | TEDxManhattan
Green Bronx Machine: National Health and Wellness Center at 
PS 55 | Stephen Ritz | TEDxManhattan
Steve Ritz showed why he deserved to win the TEDxManhattan Award by getting a rousing standing ovation for his talk and vision for a National Health and Wellness Center at Public School 55 in the South Bronx.

Watch Steve's talk and  help Green Bronx Machine  build  the National Health and Wellness Center in the South Bronx so children can use food as a way to learn math, science, reading and writing.  He currently has a Barnraiser campaign with less than 20 days to go - please help him reach his goal! 

"The Meatrix: Relaunched" at TEDxManhattan 

The Meatrix
The Meatrix: Relaunched


The Meatrix: Relaunched, an animated short film about factory farming that became a viral sensation, marked its 10th anniversary at TEDxManhattan 2015. 

Change Food Founder & Executive Director Diane Hatz is the Executive Producer of the award-winning short, which has been viewed tens of millions of times, along with its two sequels. 

To mark this new chapter of The Meatrix, GRACE Communications Foundation's Sustainable Table 

program is partnering with advocacy organizations around the country to empower Meatrix viewers to change the food system. The first group featured is Food Policy Action, which has created a Scorecard that provides objective, factual information about how members of Congress are voting on the most important food legislation.  Board members Tom Colicchio and Ken Cook have both spoken at TEDxManhattan.

Jamie Oliver Needs You!
Jamie Oliver | Food Revolution Day | May 15

Friend of Change Food and TED Prize Winner Jamie Oliver needs your help!


Food Revolution Day is a global campaign to put compulsory food education back on the school curriculum, and this year it's all kicking off on May 15.


As you know, we're currently facing a global obesity epidemic, and Jamie passionately believes that by educating children about food in a fun and engaging way, we can equip them with the basic skills they need to lead healthier, happier lives, for themselves and their future families.


Check out the brand new Food Revolution Day website and also make sure to sign a petition calling for practical compulsory food education  on all school curriculums across G20 countries (which includes the United States).  It already has over 600,000 signatures - let's get them over 1 million!

Julie Engerran and George Faison Join Change Food Advisory Board


Julie Engerran
We are very pleased to welcome Julie Engerran and George Faison to our Advisory Board. 

For more than 20 years, Julie has developed global citizen leaders of all ages across academia, business, and not-for-profit organizations. She founded the corporate responsibility function at Deloitte, the world's largest professional services network, and shaped the firm's related involvement at the World Economic Forum, United Nations and Aspen Institute. 

George Faison
Former Partner & Chief Operating Officer for DeBragga and Spitler, and f or more than thirty three years, George  worked to revive heritage breeds, and to clean up our food supply by getting the drugs out of the animals we consume. He is an outspoken advocate of "clean" meats from animals raised humanely and without any hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products in the feed.  In 2005, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Bon App?tit magazine.  

To learn more about our advisory board,   visit our site . If you or anyone you know would be a good addition to the creative brain trust being developed through Change Food, please let us know who and why at .  

Eat well - and see you next month!


Diane, Erica and Caitlin


Diane Hatz                                         

Founder/Executive Director