Bongo Boy Records
Proudly Presents  The New  Single Release
by The NEW Bardots   CHANGE    REACTION
November 2019
The New Bardots cover "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" singer/songwriter Robert Hazard song "CHANGE REACTION".

Produced by Gar Francis and Wayne Olivieiri  
Recorded and Engineered by Dan Skye

The New Bardots version of "Change Reaction" is a tribute to the late singer/songwriter Robert Hazard. Robert is the songwriter of the Cyndi Lauper hit "Girls Just Want To Have Fun". 

The track was produced by Gar Francis and Wayne Olivieri. Gar had shared a stage with Robert Hazard and The Heros in the early 80's. "Robert was a big influence on Gar Francis and he always loved the way the Heros played this live". 

The New Bardots version is a little more garage and edgy. The New Bardots are Barry Bardot (vocals & harmonica) Bobby Bardot (bass & vocals) Tommy Bardot (guitar & vocals) Lenny Bardot (drums) and Ernie Bardot (keyboards). Special guest Tommy LaBella plays saxophone on the track.
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