The Definition of Insanity
We all know the desire of wanting things to be different while staying safely nestled among the familiar edges of our comfort zone. Even when we are ready to consider otherwise, we can't often see beyond our known parameters to choose what lies beyond them. This is where the network and community of Sky Pond can help.

You won't believe the variety of events to choose from in the coming months! The hosts at Sky Pond are breaking the mold with modalities to help us see beyond what we think we know, and to access new insights and information that can support our desire to make a shift.

Events are planned far enough in advance to let us reserve a spot today and continue on at our steady pace until then. On the day of, we will leverage nature, community and the expertise of professional hosts, to think creatively about who we are, what we want and what we need to get there. Shifting individually, we contribute to the collective growth for all of us!

New ways of thinking create new ways of living.
NEW feels different
and different
is what we are ready for!
Magic Through Imagination
What do Lord of the Rings and 'Emotional Wizardry' themes in two upcoming events have in common? They are both intentionally selected to stir the imagination and offer a new way to access personal healing and self-care through creativity.
Sacred moon gatherings,
a visit from a Fairy,
happy hour reimagined...

Workshops for abdominal and uterine health, stress relief and rejuvination, integral becoming...

An abundance of retreats and many of them weaving a blend of yoga, breathwork, meditation, Ayurveda, Reiki, and more...

We cannot change without considering other possibilities for ourselves.

May these upcoming events stir the imagination and encourage us to step towards the discovery of our personal magic within!
Let's Think Creatively About...
...The Influence of the Moon
With each New and Full Moon
Sep dates: 14th & 29th , *6p-830p

Kayla Write of Awkard Bodhi Embodhi'd Living invites you to experience this cylical gathering for women. Understand, honor and align with how the moon's energy influences our personal rhythms and can replace outdated patterns with manifestation of our dreams.
Drop-ins & full cycle packages available.
*Property is reserved to welcome you earlier for grounding and connection to the landscape.
...A Friday Night Gathering
Friday, Sept 15, 5pm-8:30pm

Susan Allison-Dean of The Nature Nurse creates a new way for women to unwind with tea, nature-based practices, a farm-to-table dinner and reiki by the fire.
...Spending Time With A Fairy
Satuday Sep 16th, 11a-130p

Sunny The Fun Fairy invites us to reconnect with our inner child and gives us permission to play. Step into a creative experience with positive affirmations, treats and take home gifts to lift and lighten the spirit!
...Crafting With Collage
McKenzie Bossert of Deep Roots Counseling provides the supplies to explore and express archetypes that have most meaningfully impacted our lives through the process of Soul Collage®; Lord of the Rings Edition!
Try Something New!
Sometimes taking a step forward, even when we are not sure where to go, looks like taking a pause. Spending one day in retreat is a great way to break the cycle we are in, and it never hurts to ramp up our self-care during transformative times. You don't have to go far and your facilitator(s) will support you every step of the way!
Saturday September 23, 2p-8pm
Hosted by Earth Yoga Studio, join Christine and Sharon in a day retreat of your dreams. Learn about the Fall equinox, take a walking meditation, enjoy two yoga classes, eat with friends a plant based meal and finish with a fire ceremony.

Tuesday September 26, 830a-730p
Dr. Ronen Goddard of Integral Becoming hosts this one day retreat "Becoming Free to Create Your Life". Based on the Love and Be Loved retreats at Shalom Mountain retreat center in the Catskill Mountains and limited to FIVE participants, this immerision experience will lead you on a journey to self discovery offering healing, growth, and renewed energy in your life. Includes lunch and snacks throughout full day.

Saturday September 30, 9a-6pm
Kelsey Rudzinsky of Breathe with Kelsey and Miriam Anderson of Sky Pond hold space at this quarterly offering aligned with the change of season. The transtional time around us can be stirring within us and we often wonder why we feel less grounded, focused or clear. Calm your system and return within by reducing the noise and reactivity of speech for one day.

Sunday October 1, 1p-5p
Join Victoria and Josh of The Center of Possibilities in this 4 hour and fun, couples retreat. All levels partner yoga, group meditation, partner massage, journaling and group discussion designed to deepen your connection and improve communication and intimacy.

$244 per couple
....and so much more.
It's easier said than done to prioritize self-care...to be patient for answers...to be kind to ourselves when we are navigating change...
We know this because we also live it! Yet these learning and growth opportunitites are all part of the human experience which help us to find ourselves vibrantly alive on the other side of their thresholds.

So while we don't know which next steps will be right for your journey, we do know two things:

  1. Whatever pattern you are living that is eminating your definition of insanity can be changed.
  2. Coming to Sky Pond can help to break that cycle.
Taking the time to walk outside among all of the elements, hear the many different layers of nature's sounds, be among friends, facilitators, and family, or in time with the Self, this is a place that is ready to sooth and serve the nervous system, clear the mind, relax the body.

Come and reset. Know that just by showing up, you've taken a step to whatever is waiting for you. Know that this is a place to support you, through all of life's seasons by the pond.

We look forward to seeing you soon ~ Sean & Miriam Anderson
Begin again.