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Change is Constant 
"It is change, continuing change, inevitable change,
that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into
account not only the world as it is, but the world
as it will be."
    - Isaac Asimov

It seems the rate of change in our lives is accelerating and keeping pace seems to more challenging everyday. But without that change we would never grow, improve, learn or adapt, so bring it on. In this edition of TRENDS we explore some changes that can occur with your building, some good, some not-so-good, some planned and unplanned.
Our goal is to bring you new ideas and information about trends in our industry. We want your feedback. If you have any ideas or comments about the newsletter please contact -
HVAC Controls Helping or Hurting Are Your HVAC Controls Helping or Hurting?
We trust our HVAC controls to operate our environmental systems efficiently to keep us comfortable and minimize energy waste. Yet unknowing changes caused by occupants, overridden system programming, or a simply failure of the controlled parts can hide significant energy waste.  READ MORE
Recommissioning ROI Heats Up
Recommissioning Trend  Heats Up with Quick ROI
Recommissioning is currently a hot trend in the commercial market, according to members of the industry who frequently work with facility owners and operators. Because recommissioning enables facilities to substantially reduce their energy costs without making huge capital expenditures, there is the potential for quick return on investment (ROI) after one of these projects is completed. The trend to recommission buildings is advancing as owners and operators become increasingly aware of the benefits of improving energy efficiency.  READ MORE
Renovations to Attract Millennials
Millennial Works Require New Office Spaces
According to a new report from Jones Lang LaSalle, tenant improvement packages offer an easy way for building owners and managers to improve lease negotiations, giving tenants an opportunity to optimize space for their organizations without having to invest in a redesign.

The trend to more customizable built environments isn't limited only to commercial and office spaces - industrial and retail tenants, as well as restaurant chains, are all ramping up their investment in tenant improvement packages. READ MORE
Jesuit Chapel Finished
COAC Projects Earn Industry Recognition
Jesuit HS Chapel and VSP Manufacturing Plant Recognized as Outstanding Building Projects
Two recent projects that Cooper Oates Air Conditioning completed as the mechanical contractor, Jesuit High School Chapel and the VSP Optical Manufacturing facility, have been recognized within the building industry as some of the best projects of the year.

The Jesuit High School Chapel of the North American Martyrs was profiled in detail in the Journal of the American Institute of Architects. The profile illustrated the uniqueness of the architecture, construction challenges and the deep meaning behind the design.

The VSP Optical Manufacturing facility in Folsom was voted an Award of Merit in the Manufacturing category by Engineering News-Record (ENR). A panel of 11 industry judges reviewed and discussed over a 120 projects located throughout California and Hawaii to select the best projects of the year. Award Winning VSP Project in Folsom
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November 2015
Bob Knows: Winter Prep
Bob Plotner VP Service Division
VP of Service
There are many things to consider when preparing for winter operation of any building, but keep in mind these shoulder months offer a huge opportunity for energy saving.
As winter approaches, we need to be checking the heating cycles on all the air conditioning equipment, paying particular attention to the operation of the boilers.    READ MORE
Legislative Update
Energy Disclosure Legislation Changing
New AB 802,
Replacing the Existing Energy Use Disclosure Law AB 1103

As of Jan 1 2016, commercial building owners will no longer have the burden of disclosing energy consumption to prospective buyers, tenants or lenders. Governor Brown on October 8, 2015 signed Assembly Bill 802, which places the burden for providing energy use data on the utility companies with a completely re-written energy disclosure law.  READ MORE 
Save Energy Ideas 5 Ways Your Building is Wasting Energy Right Now
A Brief slide show to remind all building owners and property managers about persistent energy wasters. Everything from lights to coils to motors, there are simple ways to reduce energy use and increase equipment life.  READ MORE
Thermostats not designed for women Study Confirms Thermostat Settings Not Designed For Women
Findings of a new study have revealed that most temperatures in office buildings are set using a formula that is aimed to optimize thermal comfort by considering factors such as air temperature, air velocity, humidity, radiant temperature, metabolic rate and clothing. This poses a problem because the metabolic rate used in the calculation, relies on the body make-up of a man. Women's metabolic rates, however, are slower, which means that the temperatures set using the formula are not best suited for both sexes.
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