Thank You for Your Interest in Joining or Renewing Your
Membership in Brandeis National Committee Phoenix Chapter!
The 2019-20 fiscal year (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020) brings some technology changes to BNC for annual membership dues payment. To join our Phoenix Chapter as a new member or to renew your annual dues, please follow the instructions below.
2.   Choose your dues options for either “ Regular ” or “ Couple ” and click “ Next
3.   Under  Designations  you will see “ BNC Annual Membership ” with either $60 or $100 pre-selected, depending on what you chose in Step 2
4.   For  BNC Chapter ,  scroll the drop-down   until you see “ Phoenix”   and select it.
5.  Click “ Next .” [ Please skip the Scheduled Payments box .]
6.   Fill in the  Personal Information  fields .
 a. For  Preferred Class Year , select “ N/A ” from the drop-down (unless you actually attended Brandeis University).
b. For  Relationship to Brandeis,  select " BNC Member ." 
7. Complete the  Home Address  fields. Click   " Save and Continue ."
9. Once you see the “THANK YOU” page, you’re done! 
10.  If you are having problems with online registration, please call our Chapter Financial Secretary Irene Lubin at  480-948-3773
If renewing online is just not in your comfort zone:
If your last name begins with A - L - - Call Irene Lubin at 480.948.3773
If your last name begins with M - Z - - Call Bruce Galin at 480.661.0842