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Change is Good  
Robert V. Lange 
Robert V. Lange
Happy spring!

I've recently returned to the U.S. from a winter work period in Tanzania where so much is happening across the many aspects of our work.
 I'm excited to share news of the Maasai Pastoralist Women's Organization (MPWO) including  cornflour mill project news.

The Cypress Hill Campus is shaping up swiftly,
with our first workshops already completed.  Read below for the whole story. 
Thank you for helping to further work that brings a great change to the lives of so many people. Your vision and generosity are central to the entire process.   
Robert V. Lange, Founder
Maasai Stoves & Solar Project 
April,  2018


Classes begin at the Cypress Hill campus

Cypress Hill incubator of the ICSEE 
A new entryway for Cypress Hill

We have begun educational programming at Cypress Hill Institute, our beautiful new campus. In addition, we are deep into the planning of our first enterprises where Maasai women will have good opportunities for learning management skills and earning much needed money.

Workshop for science teachers at Cypress Hill

The Project recently held a two-day workshop on science teaching with 30 secondary school physics teachers. 

We addressed the need to keep students engaged as active learners. At the same time we empathize with the teachers in their understandable but sometimes paralyzing concern about how their students will perform on national exams, which is outside of their control.

Cypress Hill hallway
Managing local government is always a challenge, with so many needs and limited resources. The Project saw that offering a venue for training and problem sharing between village leaders would mean a lot to the District.

 The District accepted our offer of meeting space at the Cypress Hill campus, and a portion of funds needed to mount the event. The District government held a four-day training with chairpeople and executive officers from the 62 villages of Monduli district. It was a resounding success.

Cypress Hill is off to a great start. We appreciate the hard work of those involved, and our generous donors.  Check back often to learn of our progress with courses and women's income-generating activities.

Monduli Pastoralist Women's Organization

Young bulls for MPWO Women stove installers and solar grid electricians of the nineteen active Project villages formed their own group several years ago.

They are the women of the Monduli Pastoralist Women's Organization (MPWO) Their energy and commitment to improving their lives inspires the entire Project community.

Just as a raise in salary is a great motivator and morale booster for  paid staff, a grant to a non-profit group makes a real difference.

Kisiokii and I decided to provide a small grant to the MPWO this winter.  The group caucused and decided to use a portion of the funds to engage two Maasai herders to purchase some strong young bulls to add to the MPWO herd.
Cornflour mill in operation

The group also decided to move their second cornflour mill to the village of Selela where they know it can be more profitable.

The Project wishes them well with both endeavors. Read about the cornflour mill operation here.

Grazing and Feedlot use 
Grazing and feedlot use--responding to the weather

In our last issue of Twende we announced the creation of a cow feedlot and breeding center, serving the need to explore adaptations to traditional practices to meet climate and weather changes.  
The 25 young females and 3 young bulls of our breeding herd,   Sahiwal and Boran crosses, are doing wonderfully. The rain patterns change naturally, and when the grass is
plentiful on the western slopes of Mt. Losinmingori, we graze the herd there for good nutrition and exercise. 
ICSEE fodder
Producing cow fodder

When grazing is not possible, the cattle go to the ICSEE Manyara  feedlot north of Mto wa Mbu. There they eat the purchased and prepared food, with  no interruption in their growth and development.

By caring for our own herd in this way, we also demonstrate to our herding colleagues the kind of flexible care that we all must adopt as we adjust to a changing world around us.

New stove model

B ecause we stay deeply involved and connected with all the villages in which we have installed stoves, we are aware of just what the women want for their homes. The innovations come from within the community. 

ICSEE stoves
Stacked stovetops
We have designed a new stove. It is simple and easy to install, with excellent insulation all around . It is already manufactured,  ready for installation in our newest Project villages, including  Ketubeine.

Stay tuned for new drawings of this updated Model Four in our next edition of Twende. 

Thank you to Philip Lange  and Gina Foglia for photography