Quarterly e-newsletter                                            April/May/June 2019

Dear GCSB Heritage Club Members,    
Spring is around the corner and very welcome after our cold and snowy winter. Time to get out of the house and enjoy a few of the fun activities GCSB Heritage Club has to offer in 2019. A highlight is a change in our Annual Social event from November to June!  Details are outlined below.
Kim & Vicki  
Please note that Guthrie County State Bank will be closed:
May 27 - Memorial Day
Learning about fraud on Valentine's Day

Thanks to everyone who braved the February weather to join us at our February 14 social event. Liz Little from SHAZAM went over the new scams and fraud that's happening in today's world. We will definitely have her back in the near future; it was eye opening to all of us. Thanks to our team members, Donna and Shannon, for serving our refreshments and helping with the door prize drawings.
Snowbird Reminder

For those of you that live elsewhere in the winter, don't forget to change your address with Guthrie County State Bank back to your home address. You don't want to miss out on any bank mail that is sent after you leave your winter home. There are three ways to change your address:
  1. Use this easy form on our website.
  2. Give us a call at either location - 641-­332-2218 or 641-­755-2400.
  3. Email us at heritageclub@gcsbank.com
AnnualsocialAnnual Social Event on June 19, 2019 - It's time for a change!

Instead of having our annual social event in November, we're moving it to the summer! We'll enjoy warm weather which will allow our snowbirds and farmers more opportunity to enjoy this event. On June 19, 2019, GCSB Heritage Club will be hosting a summer picnic at the Guthrie Center city park at 4:30 p.m. for Heritage Club members. The money bag will be given away along with door prizes. You will need a ticket for this event, so between May 20 and June 10, please stop into either the Guthrie Center or Panora bank offices to pick up your ticket. We will have seating for the picnic, but if you'd like to bring your lawn chair for comfort, please bring it with you. Mark your calendar for this warm weather event!    
The Money Bag = $250

Bev Steensen's name was drawn at our February 14 social event. Unfortunately, Bev was not present to collect, sorry Bev! Attend our June 19 social event and someone will win the $250.00 money bag! Check out the details in this newsletter.
Vacation season is coming up

Traveling soon? Here is some quick information to make your debit card use while traveling hassle-free.
  1. Make sure to notify Guthrie County State Bank of your travels. This avoids having your card blocked due to unusual activity in the travel location. Give us a call or use this easy form on the website.
  2. Please make sure the bank has your correct cell phone number on file in case we need to contact you.
  3. Download SHAZAM BOLT$ on your smartphone. This app tracks your debit card use and will alert you any time your card is used. Click here to learn more.
  4. If you experience any issues while traveling, feel free to contact the bank or SHAZAM fraud operations at 866-508-2693.
  5. Ask us for one of these handy emergency contact cards to keep in your wallet with all of our contact information and travel tips.
Lost or Stolen Card? Contact Guthrie County State Bank or SHAZAM Customer Service 800-383-8000 immediately.

Lucky door prize winners at our social event on February 14 were: Steve Lee, Neil Kingery, Linda Kastner, Ilene Tallman, Myrna Whetstone and Mary Williamson.


If you are interested in any of these trips, email us at
or call Kim at 641-332-2218 or Vicki at 515-979-5127.  Check our trip itinerary page on the website for more details!
Call and sign up today for our annual Mystery Trip with Renae Lane and her travelers from Security Savings Bank. This trip is from May 6 - 9 and will be packed with fun-filled stops, good food and entertainment. The cost is $950 for double occupancy and all meals are included. Solve the mystery by joining us! Click here for a full itinerary.  

This is a combination of Michigan's most unique destinations, each having a significant European heritage that we have combined into one fascinating itinerary. On this trip you see the Notre Dame campus, Bavarian Frankenmuth, the Victorian Resort of Mackinac Island, and the Dutch settlement of Holland. We will also visit a wooden shoe factory. This trip is like no other we've sponsored in the past. Please view the full itinerary here. This six day trip will cost $2,300 per person for double occupancy. $729 per person is due with reservation which includes insurance. Final payment will be due April 26.  
This immersive and entertaining day trip will leave us singing all the way home! The Brown's, a touring singing group, is a family that has been singing around the world for 19 years. Four years ago they bought a 100-year-old building in LeMars that they restored. We will be taking a tour of this beautiful building. We will also have a step-on tour of the city given by the Mayor of LeMars. We will then be entertained by a cooking class given by a member of the Brown family who is a renown chef followed by lunch. After lunch the Brown family will entertain us with their Patriotic Show. To end our day we will stop at the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor for a treat. This is a trip we'll talk about for a long time! The cost is $200 with a $25 deposit due with the reservation. Final payment is due June 17. View the flier here. Come join in the fun!
ROMANTIC RHINE AND MOSEL RIVER CRUISE - August 28 - September 7, 2019
We will be traveling to Europe in 2019 to enjoy a relaxing cruise on the Romantic Rhine, Europe's longest river aboard the MS Emerald Sun. We'll fly into Zurich, Switzerland, stay two nights in Lucerne, then board the ship in Basel for our next seven nights. Ports along the way include Strasbourg, which lies between France and Germany and is one of Europe's most attractive cities; Rudesheim, Germany which is home to three medieval castles; and Cochem, Germany rated one of the prettiest villages along the Mosel River. From there we'll explore Cologne, Germany and end our adventure in Amsterdam. This is an 11-day, 23-meal tour. The cost varies depending on deck and cabin size. At this time this trip is full, but we have a wait list. View the full itinerary here.