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Change is our Constant . . .



Welcome to our AUGUST newsletter as we look to the year ahead. 


With an election looming, rising unemployment and unsteady business confidence, we are anticipating another uncertain financial year.


This month, we help you to take time out and focus on some positive topics . . .  

Wellness@Work 6 Cylinder Signpost

Research Project  



We've listened!



We have been delighted with such an overwhelming response to this series and it shows that this is a critical topic in and out of the office.


Thanks to all our clients for the wonderful feedback.  Wellness factors are already increasing and we look forward to publishing the results.


As more businesses want to get involved, we've decided to extend our research window and thus the opportunity for you to run a 45min workshop at no cost.   


Click here for more detail on running a workshop for your staff.  


Click here for the 6 cylinders of wellness  


HunterBligh Executive Transition 




We know that at all levels the best career results come when we combine:


 - the things that we're GOOD at;

 - what we LOVE; and

 - the OPPORTUNITIES available.



We have more of a say in this than we think. By identifying our assets and our passions and creating the right opportunities for our career and development, we take control. 


We encourage you to think about these factors and talk to us should you need assistance in defining what they might be. 


HunterBligh is increasingly being asked to work with Executives within client organisations to help with career planning. In short, HunterBligh helps Executives to create positive momentum where there has previously been inertia!     


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How Can We Help?
Every circumstance is different, all are confidential.
Let us know about your business and we will detail how we can support you, your people and your organisation.

The ALCHEMY and HunterBligh Team 
ALCHEMY Colour Crop HunterBligh

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Manager's Guide
to Separation

This guide clarifies appropriate separation procedures that will help managers and HR communicate in a professional and respectful manner during a difficult interaction.

Transition Outcomes

91% of Participants transition their career within 12 weeks (from notification to start date). 

60% of Participants have moved to roles with higher base salary after their ALCHEMY Program.

Only 36% of Participants have moved to the 'same role / same industry', which tells us that almost 2/3 people are making a career change through desire or necessity.