Christ Church Chimes

Ash Wednesday

Pick up for Pre-consecrated Communion Wafers and Ashes for Ash Wednesday: You may come to the church this Sunday at the main entrance and pick up your ashes, pledge envelopes and pre-consecrated communion wafers.

We will offer a 12 noon service on Ash Wednesday via the webpage.

These items will also available at the Parish House Office on Tuesday and Thursday 9am-3pm. Please keep the Communion Wafer/Body of Christ in a safe and respected place. 

Change of Worship Access
Worship services will now be available only on our webpage, for the 10 am service.....until Fr. Al can figure out how to link to Facebook Livestream......stay tuned for now! 

The Worship Program:

Coffee Hour
is now held every Sunday after the service on zoom.

Please use this code

Join us following the service.
We will spend time reconnecting and offering up prayer and thanksgivings.
Annual Meeting
Our annual Meeting will be held on February 21st.
This will be a virtual meeting. We will worship on the Christ Church Web page and then gather on zoom (as in the coffee hour listed above for the meeting).

I will be sending a link to the annual report prior the meeting. Hard copies will be available at the church office sometime that prior week.
  • By G. Jeffrey MacDonald Correspondent, Christian Science Monitor
It’s a pandemic shift no one saw coming at the start of 2020.
Faith communities began the year expecting members to attend worship in person at least somewhat regularly. Perhaps they’d come to a potluck lunch now and then toting a covered dish.

Now, as churches have moved online, people can belong, officially or informally, without ever darkening a church door.

Some congregants enjoy the flexibility to watch services in their bathrobes. Others welcome the opportunity to find a church that feels like a good fit, regardless of geography.

For Hanne Peterson, virtual worship meant the opportunity to return to a beloved church after moving halfway around the world. She had been missing All Saints Episcopal Church in Bellevue, Washington, ever since she returned to her native country in 2016. Having felt disoriented and not warmly welcomed at churches in Denmark, she seized the chance to be active again at All Saints.
“When I log in on Zoom, it’s like coming home,” Ms. Peterson says. “You can listen to or look at any church services [online], but it’s different when it’s a church that’s your church and you know the people in it.”

We are a joyful community celebrating Jesus Christ. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey,
you are welcome here.

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