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The Lost Smile

One hundred years from now people living on a greener Earth in a kinder society will thank us for what we are doing today. They will see us on holograms, wearing our masks, looking earnestly at the camera. “The people who lost their smiles”, they will call us, since for so long our smiles were hidden. But not our tears.

The history classes of that time will show the depth of the struggle and the loss. It will amaze future generations how resilient we were, adapting to every assault, moving forward against great odds. We may not feel so heroic, but they will see some of us that way. We will be beacons in a dark part of history, a proof that people are stronger when they stand together. One hundred years from today people will remember us and be grateful. That’s why today, and all the days like it, are so important.

-- The Right Reverend Steven Charleston,
Man of faith from the Choctaw Nation
Retired Bishop of Alaska,
Retired Dean of Episcopal Diving School, Cambridge
The Bishop that ordained Father Alan Hesse on behalf of the Diocese of Iowa, 2001
Change of Worship Access

I am please to announce we have installed our $30,000 audio-visual system that permits us a better quality and more effective offering of our worship.  
It will also help connect us to funerals and weddings of our parish family.
This is entirely paid for by grants from the Hathaway Fund, The Case Bristol Trust, a donation from the Diocese, and private gifts.  

Worship services will now be available only on our webpage, for the 10 am service.  

In the very near future we many be able to open the church to 40 people for the 10am service. We will have a phone reservation system, as we did before. I will let you know when we receive permission from the Bishop.

Pick up for Pre-consecrated Communion Wafers and Ashes for Ash Wednesday:
You may pick up pre-consecrated communion wafers in packages of 10 on Sundays 9:30-11:00 at church, near the side entrance.  Ashes will be available for Ash Wednesday, February 17th. We will have a 12 noon service that day via the webpage.

These items will also available at the Parish House Office on Tuesday and Thursday 9am-3pm. Please keep the Communion Wafer/Body of Christ in a safe and respected place. 

The Service Program and Weekly Announcements can be found on the Facebook page of the parish Christ Church | Facebook or Fr. Al's personal account.


Coffee Hour
is now held every Sunday after the service on zoom.

Please use this code

Join us following the service.
We will spend time reconnecting and offering up prayer and thanksgivings.
Annual Meeting
Our annual Meeting will be held on March 21st.
This will be a virtual meeting. We will worship on the Christ Church Web page and then gather on zoom (as in the coffee hour listed above for the meeting).

I will be sending a link to the annual report prior the meeting. Hard copies will be available at the church office sometime that prior week.

We are a joyful community celebrating Jesus Christ. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey,
you are welcome here.

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