Special announcement from BCAQ’s Board of Directors.

Dear members, allies and partners, 

The Board of Directors of Breast Cancer Action Quebec is pleased to announce a major transition in the organization's management team.

Jennifer Beeman, whose professionalism and dedication have guided our organization over the past nine years, is passing the torch to Ama Maria Anney. On August 7, Jennifer Beeman stepped down from her position as Executive Director with her heart full of pride in the work she has accomplished and her sights set on the future. Deeply committed to our organization and determined to continue working on current and future campaigns, Jennifer now begins a new chapter at BCAQ as Program and Advocacy Coordinator. She will continue to be a valuable asset to our team.

The Board of Directors would like to acknowledge Jennifer Beeman’s achievements throughout her tenure as Executive Director, and express its gratitude to her for playing a key role in positioning our organization, enabling it to gain recognition for its expertise and forging links with numerous partners. Her efforts brought about major political changes for Quebec society and a particular focus on breast cancer prevention. Her leadership laid the foundations on which BCAQ will continue its mission. The Board thanks her for her unwavering commitment.

With transition comes succession, and we are therefore honoured to announce that Ama Maria Anney, previously Prevention and Strategic Development Coordinator, is taking over as Executive Director of Breast Cancer Action Quebec. Ama Maria Anney brings a wealth of experience and a solid strategic vision to her new role. With her in-depth knowledge of BCAQ and her ability to convey her strategic thinking clearly and effectively, Ama Maria has the calibre to lead our organization for years to come.

Ama Maria Anney has an academic background in sociology and feminist studies. She also has more than 12 years' experience in the Quebec feminist and advocacy movements. Ama Maria has a keen interest in business process improvement and organizational governance. Endowed with strong intersectional feminist values and having experienced a particular journey as a Black woman working in community organizations, Ama has consistently demonstrated her ability both to keep pace with change and to grasp its complexity.

The entire BCAQ team welcomes this milestone, which is fully in keeping with the organization's achievements and the ties it has forged with its members and allies over the past 32 years. 

It was important that BCAQ develop a transition plan for the Executive Director position, and the Board of Directors is proud to contribute actively to its successful implementation.

We thank you all for your support and commitment, we extend a fond farewell to outgoing Executive Director Jennifer Beeman, and we wish our new Executive Director, Ama Maria Anney, every success!

For the Board of Directors,

Diana Toffa, Nikette Lorméus, Ariane Métellus, and Elizabeth Lallemand

A special message from the outgoing executive director

Wow! Nine and a half years as executive director of Breast Cancer Action Quebec. What a time it has been! This amazing group was started by smart, committed women determined to educate women and the public and insist that leaders take breast cancer prevention seriously. When the position of ED opened in 2014, I didn’t hesitate to apply. I knew the organization by its excellent reputation, and I knew I would be following in the footsteps of many

great women.

So it was probably better that I was not aware of just how hard funding was going to be. I really thought that the amazing qualities in this group had to be self-evident for everyone but quickly learned that this was not exactly the case. The intersectional and innovative approaches to breast cancer prevention just didn’t fit in most funding boxes. But we did find smaller funders who “got us” and helped us grow. And eventually, over the past several years, there has been a significant change in the understanding by funders of the complex, interconnected nature of health, environmental and feminist issues and the need for intersectional work. And most recently, through our networking and political work, we have become more prominent in a range of spheres.

All of this work was always undertaken through the teamwork of workers, volunteers, and interns. And through these demanding times, I have never felt anything less than extremely privileged to hold the position I held. I can’t express enough thanks to my colleagues Viorica Lorcencova and Patricia Kearns for the years of intense and exciting work together. Nancy Guberman has been an equally important ally as president for most of these years as well. And there were so many others that it was a true privilege to work with.

Photo by Selena Phillips-Boyle for bête féroce

And now, new colleagues have joined us, Ama Maria Anney as a coordinator after many years on the board and Diana Toffa as our current president in addition to our other great board members. I am thrilled that Ama Maria is taking the reins as director. She and I have worked so closely together for many years, and I know she will take this organization to another level.

I have given what I have to give to the position of director at BCAQ. I have been feeling increasingly frustrated over the past year of not having the time to dive deeply into important issues. There were just too many dossiers to juggle. But I have learned so much and I want to put it all to work by driving our programs and advocacy forward in new ways and continuing to work with our amazing allies in Quebec and across Canada. So I am starting in a new role, as Program and Policy Coordinator. I am leaving and arriving at BCAQ at a very exciting time. I am happy to pass the torch on the demanding leadership position and very happy to get to work on new issues. You will be hearing about it soon.

My deepest thanks for all your support, dear friends, allies, members and donors, through all these years, and all the best,

Jennifer Beeman

A few words from the new executive director

Photo by Joana Choumali

I am proud to take up the exciting challenge of continuing to contribute to BCAQ's mission as its new ED, but also as a committed activist. It is with humility that I embark on this new adventure, energized by the historical foundations of our organization, the passion of my colleagues, and the great confidence of our allies. After undertaking a deep process of questioning, adjustment and reflexivity, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, we are newly equipped and more than ever enriched with benevolent, non-oppressive perspectives. I am delighted to be able to contribute a few drops of my experiential and professional knowledge at this crucial moment in our organization's history. My seven years' experience on the BCAQ's Board of Directors, and later as a staff member, have given me a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities

that lie ahead.

I would like to extend my warmest thanks to my predecessor, Jennifer Beeman, for her significant contribution over the past nine years, and for her continuing mentorship during this important transition. I would also like to thank the BCAQ Board of Directors and my colleagues for their trust and support.

To all our loyal allies, donors, community members and the great BCAQ family, I hope to meet you soon, virtually or in person, at one of the various events we are planning for this fall. I thank you for your support of BCAQ and I look forward to sharing our analyses, stories and fresh adventures with you.

With gratitude!

Ama Anney

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