ANAD'S 2017 Conference: Change the Way You Think About Recovery
Do you feel stuck in your recovery? Do you want to be in a highly supportive space where you can take your recovery to the next stage, learn new recovery tools, and interact with and get answers from treatment professionals?

At ANAD's 2017 Conference, you will get all of that, and more. Watch the video below to learn how ANAD's 2017 Conference will change the way YOU think about recovery. 
ANAD has completely redesigned the conference this year: added two new attendee tracks for those in recovery and their friends, family, and loved ones; created dynamic new original programming to help everyone challenge and evolve the way they think about recovery; and will offer many opportunities for interaction with a wide variety of treatment professionals and philosophies to help those in recovery and their loved ones discover the best treatment models for them. 

ANAD's 2017 Conference will be an amazing opportunity for you to help your parents, friends and loved ones understand what eating disorders are, and how they can best support and help you during your recovery. 

We have worked hard on ANAD's 2017 Conference to build the kind of recovery-focused experience that I wish had existed when I was struggling badly with my eating disorder. When I was struggling with my eating disorder, I felt so alone, and I had no idea what kind of professional help, peer support, and recovery tools were available to help me. Now that I am the Executive Director of ANAD, I have learned so much about the different treatment models, philosophies, and tools available for those in recovery. 

And I want to share those with you. The Team at ANAD and I believe in you and your future. I never thought that I would EVER live a life without an eating disorder, but I do, and I want you to as well.

Come to our conference this year! I want to meet you and fight for your future alongside of you! 

#OpenArms #OpenHearts,
Laura Zinger
Executive Director, ANAD
What to Know About ANAD'S 2017 Conference RIGHT NOW 
EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! All 3 attendee tracks have special early bird pricing until July 31, 2017.
 If you are in recovery and would like to attend the conference on a scholarship ticket, please apply here. 
NEW THIS YEAR! The Recovery Track: This year, ANAD is opening up its conference for those in recovery so they can gain the knowledge and support they need.
NEW THIS YEAR! The Family, Friends, and Loved Ones Track: Learn how to best support your loved one in recovery and yourself at this year's conference.