At three years old, our Matty was a sweet, feisty, beautiful boy who brought our family untold joy and pleasure. But he was also missing developmental milestones and facing unique challenges. When Matty was diagnosed with autism, it knocked the breath right out of us, but we held out hope that the problem, now identified, could be solved.

Our research – hours upon hours of consultation with doctors, advocates, social workers, lawyers, other parents – made clear that Matty needed programming grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). It was also clear that there was not a moment to waste. But Matty’s school simply could not provide the therapies he needed. They didn’t have the staff, they didn’t have the time, they didn’t have the expertise. Matty needed more. Our family needed more.

We toured dozens of schools and spoke with dozens of educators. But one school stood out from the rest: Alpine. Everything about Alpine telegraphed experience, expertise, and passion: the design of the facility, the energy and dedication of the staff, the vigorous, life-long programming, the vibrant community. Alpine was simply head-and-shoulders above its peer schools.

Not long after our first visit to Alpine, Matty was offered a placement at Alpine and the magic began. At his interview, Alpine’s staff, armed with good science and a cupful of Cheezits, worked with Matty for the first time. The results were immediate and astonishing for the very first time, Matty responded to his name and followed one step commands. And the magic has continued. Alpine has helped us meet every challenge we’ve faced: kicking a soccer ball, riding a bike and going out to dinner as a family. Alpine has shown us what Matty is capable of accomplishing, which has allowed us to dream again about his future, our future.

We call Alpine’s work with Matty magical, and it is. But it is also the product of painstakingly hard work and investment, and dedication to maintaining the highest standards and employing the newest and best scientific methods. Alpine gave us renewed hope in Matty’s future.
Please join us, now, in securing Alpine’s future, and ensuring every family they serve receives the same priceless gift - the gift of hope.

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