May 2021
U.S. Acts to Protect Electrical Grid
from Cyber Attacks
The nation’s electrical grid is under pressure from two very strong yet very different forces. On the upside, the grid is increasingly essential for institutional and commercial facilities with a range of growing and diversifying power needs. On the downside, it also is an appealing target for cyber attackers looking to disrupt operations and sow chaos...
Early May
Session 1: May 10
Session 2: May 11
Session 3: May 12
Session 4: May 13
Session 5: May 14
Mid May
Session 1: May 17
Session 2: May 18
Session 3: May 19
Session 4: May 20
Session 5: May 21
Late May
Session 1: May 24
Session 2: May 25
Session 3: May 26
Session 4: May 27
Session 5: May 28
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FaciliWorks 8i Dashboard

The summary boxes on the FaciliWorks 8i dashboard can be configured as either text or graphical view. To change the view of a summary box, click its Dashboard Settings icon:
The following window will open; select either Text or Graphical view for each summary box.
You can also hover your mouse over the Dashboard Settings icon of a specific summary box; you will be presented with the following options: Settings, Refresh, Graphical/Text View and Hide. Click the third icon to change the view. If a box is in text view, click this icon for graphical view:
If a box is already in graphical view, the third icon will be an abc icon; click the abc icon to switch to text view.

Another option available from the Dashboard is KPIs (available in FaciliWorks 8i Enterprise only). To enable KPIs, navigate to the Configuration -> Admin Settings -> Options tab. Toward the bottom of the form, check the Turn on KPI checkbox and then click Save. You will be prompted to log back into FaciliWorks.
When you log back in, the KPI icon will be displayed in the header bar of the dashboard (above the summary boxes):
Clicking this icon will display the KPI graphs. Depending on the graph, you can filter by date range, Asset Type, Priority and specific asset ID(s). If asset grouping is enabled, a user will only have access (here in KPIs) to the asset groups to which the user is assigned. The Administrator must be a member of all asset groups to have all assets and filtering available here.
You can expand the view of a KPI, print it, export the raw data that was used to calculate the KPI and rearrange the display of the four KPIs. All of these functions are accessible via the set of icons in the upper right portion of each graph. Use Auto-arrange, Reset, Minimize All and Cascade to alter the arrangement of the graphs. Shown here is an example of the MTBF graph (mean time between failures). In FaciliWorks, MTBF is the time from the completion of one work order to the creation of the next work order for a particular asset.
We encourage you to explore the additional capabilities of your FaciliWorks software and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.