Kindergarten Yard Update
April 7, 2021

Dear Lavender and Thimbleberry Families,
We hope you are all having a great start to your Spring Break. Before we return, we would like to inform you all about the removal of the orange fence that has been separating the kindergarten yard. Our Health and Safety team supports this transition. All safety protocols will continue to stay in place. 

We have been evolving our grades program all year while our early childhood program has been going steady from the start. We have not seen any cases of COVID-19 associated with an at school exposure all year. We are so happy that our protocols are proving to work.

Ms. Fern and Ms. Therese are planning to take the fence down with the children on Monday April 12th, allowing access to the whole yard. We know this might feel strange at first, (to all of us!) but the teachers’ goal is to integrate the two groups during outside play time, so they can find friendships within the "other" group. This is especially for those children who are moving on to first grade in the fall. We want all of the children to be on the same side of the fence, literally and figuratively and feel it is going to be a safe way to support social emotional health for everyone. 

We (teachers and children) are looking forward to playing in the whole yard every day, to fetching our own water from the stream, swinging on the swings and digging giant streambeds and dump truck roads in the big sandbox. What fun!

If you have any questions or concerns, please respond to this email. We are always open to hearing from you. 


Jordan Fleming, WHWS Health and Safety Coordinator
Fern Teed, Lavender Kindergarten Teacher
Therese Hubbell, Thimbleberry Kindergarten Teacher