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August 27, 2013
Hudson News

The Future Is Now!

Many of us will remember the days of Saturday morning cartoons - yes, some of us had to wait all week to get the chance to watch vs. 24/7 cable networks like Nickelodeon, Disney Channel or Cartoon Network! There was one show in particular that I always enjoyed...The Jetsons. We don't have personal vehicles yet that fly through the air but we do have a video based communications system that is taking over today's interview process.


Our clients are taking full advantage of Skype and what it has to offer. Right now 25% of all clients will use Skype during the interview process. It has become a useful tool on a number of fronts. The most obvious is how well prepared and/or serious a candidate will be when doing this interview. There is some great momentum on this wave and I can't recommend enough to catch it. Get familiar with the technical aspects of Skype - use it with family or friends so that you'll be prepared.


Skype etiquette is something we've been preparing clients and candidates for a few years now. Some of the basics are

  • Professional dress and personal hygiene/appearance. 90% of candidates Skype from home so look your best! Remember what is called the "stand-up" rule! If you have the professional dress from waist up, have it from waist down. It may seem odd, but people have been asked to stand up - and want to confirm that a potential candidate is taking this completely serious - instead of wearing shorts or sweats!
  • Simple distractions are to be avoided at all costs. Other computer programs - turn them off! Cell phone - off (not vibrate)! Close doors to avoid children, pets or other interruptions. Ask for a contact number upon log-in in case of any technical challenges.
Where Did The Talent Go?!

I had the pleasure of attending the Capital Roundtable conference in New York a few weeks ago. Discussion was heavy around proprietary higher education and the number of campuses that have closed over the past three years. What I found the most interesting was the way that Sr. Management was talking about business models that work and those that don't - and the type of talent they now need to lead those institutions.


It appears that many executives that have worked in proprietary higher education at the mid-level are under the impression that they will need to change with the times. Those that are going to be successful will have an open-mind on adapting from what used to work to what will work now and in the future. The unique quality of finding that key executive that meets this is being absorbed in other industries. Those that fit that profile are becoming scarcer as other industries rebound. Two key areas are in admissions and operations. Admissions in particular with compensation bonuses not being available - they are leaving and not coming back.

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John Assunto will be available to meet with personally on September 12, 2013, at the BMO Capital Markets13th Annual Back to School
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