An Update from Howard County Recycling
Styrofoam Recycling is Closing
Dart Container, Inc. the company that collected styrofoam from Howard County for recycling, will be discontinuing its program with the County after July 1. This is due to the recent food packaging Styrofoam ban that recently went into effect in Maryland. While the the ban on using food service styrofoam containers has been extended past the original effective date of October 1, new sales of food service containers is now prohibited. Therefore, Dart Container, Inc. a manufacturer of these products, has ended it's relationship with Howard County.

Currently, the County is exploring other vendors and collections methods to continue this valuable waste diversion program. Until the County finds a cost-effective way to recycle styrofoam, please place it in the trash. Do not place styrofoam in your blue bin.

Thank you for your participation in this program. It has been a great success thanks to the participation of Howard County's residents and small businesses.

Howard County Recycling
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