Happy International Women's Day!

Welcome to spring! We anticipate the change of seasons as a sign of hope.

We are sending you updates of recent and upcoming events for Sowing Opportunities, Inc.

Exciting news is that Fern will be meeting with the Israeli Deputy Consul General Daniel Agranov on March 18 to discuss Sowing Opportunities’ work in Guatemala.

However, the most exciting update is that the water project in Chajmaic is now complete! In January a new mayor took office in the municipality of Fray Bartolomé de las Casas. In early March, the water project was finished with the installation of the water pump and faucets at all 250 homes – using the source of the abundant river, el Río Cahabón, which runs through the village of Chajmaic.  

On April 14 Fern will be traveling to Guatemala to move our project forward. On an 8-day trip, Fern and our partner in Guatemala, Ricardo, plan to meet with an agricultural engineer who is an indigenous Guatemalan, to discuss plans for the village. We also plan to meet with the mayor of Fray and will discuss installing carbon filtration to finalize the water project.  

Meetings in Chajmaic and Guatemala City in April
We plan to also meet with village leadership (“COCODE”) in Chajmaic and do a needs assessment with the villagers to get their thoughts on next steps – whether they would be most interested in a greenhouse workshop, as our agricultural engineers Antonio and Federico have proposed.

After our trip to the village, we plan to go to Guatemala City to meet with USAID and with the Israeli Embassy. We also plan to meet with an attorney who is handling our establishment of a Guatemalan NGO for Sowing Opportunities.
Healthy Families
On a personal note, we are continuing our GoFundMe campaign, https://bit.ly/2Tz1CDW, sending funds every 2-3 months to Maya’s biological family, Olivia and her two children – Ronaldo, age 11 and Odelia, age 6 – for groceries. We see a huge difference in their appearance. They are eating 3x a day and are healthy.  
A bed to sleep in
Separate from the GoFundMe, Ginny and I have sent personal funds for a carpenter to make beds for the three of them. Until now, Olivia and Odelia have been sharing a twin bed and Ronaldo has been sleeping on the variegated dried-mud floor of their home. These beds will make a qualitative difference in their lives.

We wish you blessings and peace in the joy and beauty of this season. May hope fill your homes and your hearts.

Please join us in the mission of hope, for the people of the isolated village of Chajmaic. Your support today will help provide life-changing assistance for the people of Chajmaic, Guatemala, as we work together to improve their lives.

If you are able to, please consider assisting our project with a donation at

Thank you for your support!

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