You are receiving this announcement because you are a client of Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services.
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Action Requested: Review the instructions below to continue using Chrome to access the UVA Marketplace, or consult with your Local Support Partner (LSP) to investigate alternative options.

Good afternoon,

Google’s Chrome internet browser is releasing a major update on Monday, February 17. The update will change how the browser handles cookies, and as a result, not all UVA Marketplace punchout catalogs will function correctly with the updated Chrome browser. This change will be temporary, as each supplier updates internal technology. For more information, visit our Chrome Update and UVA Marketplace Information page.

Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services is working diligently with our suppliers to monitor the functionality of their catalogs in the UVA Marketplace with the new Chrome settings, and is testing several ways for our users to have an uninterrupted shopping experience in the UVA Marketplace.

To continue using Chrome to access UVA Marketplace punchout catalogs:
1)      Review the list of suppliers with catalogs compatible with the Chrome updates.
2)      If you would like to shop a punchout not compatible with the updates, you can try to open the punchout catalog in a new window.
3)      If the punchout does not work, or if you cannot open the punchout in a new window, use a different browser.

To use a different browser to access UVA Marketplace punchout catalogs:
2)      Contact your Local Support Partner (LSP) for assistance choosing the right browser.
3)      PSDS will send a notification when all punchouts are fully functional with all browsers.

Please continue to use Chrome to access the Integrated System (Oracle).

For assistance with using the UVA Marketplace with Internet Explorer or Safari, please contact Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services at (434) 924-4212 or at

For assistance with installing new internet browsers, please contact your Local Support Partner (LSP), or the ITS Help Desk at (434) 924-4357.

Thank you,

John McHugh
Interim Director
Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services