Kindergarten through Sixth Grade
Dear Elementary Panther Families,

After consultation with additional health professionals and conversations with our own teachers, we feel the adjustments to the Elementary academic calendar we have outlined below will provide our teachers with another day to catch up and plan for the spring as well as give all of our families a chance to enjoy their holiday knowing they can be home with eLearning the week of January 4th and as a result potentially helping us keep the virus from our school. These adjustments will provide teachers with crucial additional planning time while maintaining a consistent, engaging academic experience for our Elementary students. Please note the schedule below for the week of January 4th.
On Monday, January 11th, Elementary on campus learners will return to Wesley Prep, and Elementary eLearners will continue with the individual eLearning structure currently in place. In order to give our Elementary students the best chance to finish the second semester healthy and on campus, we ask that you do not use the week of January 4th as a time to lengthen your holiday travel or visit with others in person.

For the three days of Elementary eLearning on January 6th, 7th, and 8th, the structure will be very similar to the beginning of the year. Students will follow an eLearning plan, which will be emailed to parents by homeroom teachers on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 5th. There will be Google Meets in the morning and afternoon, as well as independent activities via Seesaw or Google Classroom throughout the day. Teachers will send home supplies before the break if necessary, for eLearning. Please ensure the materials are returned for on campus learning.

If you are also the parent of a Preschool or Mother’s Day Out student at Wesley Prep, those students will still be attending school in person as originally planned on January 5th through January 8th.

Thank you, as always, for your flexibility during these unprecedented times. Your support is so appreciated! We remain incredibly proud of the effort, resilience, and joy in every classroom, both virtually and here on campus. We are so grateful for our Panther teachers, students, and their supportive families!

Thank you for sharing your children with us. They bring us so much JOY!


Linda Altick, Executive Director

Suzanne Broer, Director of Curriculum and Programming

Whitney Agee, Coordinator of Strategic Academic Initiatives and eLearning