Changes to SIP Effective Today
More Businesses Allowed to Reopen

On Friday the county announced more business categories may open on Monday June 1st. These include: retail stores (in-store shopping), retail supply chain businesses, and places of worship. For the full order, click  here

Retail Stores

Retail stores include: indoor and outdoor shopping malls, bookstores, jewelry stores, toy stores, clothing and shoe stores, home and furnishing stores, sporting goods stores, and florists.

These stores must utilize curbside/outside pickup or delivery  if feasible.  Pick up areas could include an “immediately adjacent sidewalk, street, or alley for customers using any mode of transportation” while taking care “not to block pedestrian access or cause vehicle congestion.”

“Retail stores providing in-store shopping must, in the required health and safety plan, identify the number of shoppers (complying with any requirements or limitations established by the State of California) that can be accommodated, in a manner that ensures that shoppers and personnel can maintain social distancing and put in place measures to enforce that limit.”


“Businesses that manufacture the goods sold at retail stores covered in this category are allowed to operate but only to the extent that they are manufacturing goods for these retail stores.”

“Businesses that provide warehousing and logistical support to these retail stores are allowed to operate but only to the extent they support these retail stores.”

Places of Worship

In addition to following guidelines for places of worship developed by the CDC which can be found  here places of worship may resume in-person services if its social distancing protocol explains how it will achieve the following:

  1. Assigning those at higher risk (those over 50 and with health conditions) to work from home when feasible as well as other staff if possible.
  2. Vulnerable congregants are highly discouraged from participating in in-person services and rather encouraged to participate virtually
  3. n-person service attendees may be no more than 25% of the building capacity or 100 individuals, whichever is fewer.
  4. Drinking and eating shall be prohibited within the building
  5. Restrooms must be cleaned between uses
  6. If lines must form, 6 foot indicators must be utilized to ensure social distancing is observed
  7. Aisles must be designated as one-way
  8. Children must remain in the care of individuals from their household unit and not interact with other children while visiting the facility. Services and activities for children must be discontinued if social distancing cannot be observed (such as shared play areas)
  9. After service gatherings are prohibited 

Additional Activities Allowed

The county has also allowed a number of new permitted activities and facilities. These include indoor/outdoor pools and outdoor shared recreation facilities, car parades, and protest gatherings. For the full health order click  here

Indoor/Outdoor Pools

According to the updated health order, indoor and outdoor pools and shared recreation facilities may be reopened if “they are actively monitored and managed to ensure that the facility is either (1) only used by members of the same household or (2) used in a manner that ensures that all social distancing, face covering and all other requirements (including the prohibitions against gathering and shared equipment), including Health Officer orders, are enforced. Any measures put in place must be reflected in the required posted written protocols.”

Car Parades

Car Parades may occur if the following conditions can be met:

  1. Parades must comply with all laws and applicable permitting requirements.
  2. Only members of the same household may occupy a single car.
  3. People may not leave their cars at any time during the parade.
  4. People may not travel to view a car parade.
  5. Car parades may only be viewed from an individual's residence or yard.
  6. Participating cars may not congregate at a fixed location other than for a brief time to organize.
  7. No bicycles or motorcycles may participate.


  1. In-person protest gatherings are permitted so long as they do not exceed 100 attendees or 25% of the capacity of the space in which the gathering is held, whichever is lower. Participants must maintain six feet of distance from one another and wear face coverings. However, even with adherence to distancing, bringing members of different households together to engage in in- person protest carries a higher risk of widespread transmission of COVID-19. In particular, activities like chanting, shouting, singing, and group recitation negate the risk-reduction achieved through six feet of physical distancing.”
  2. “Participants must maintain a physical distance of six feet from any uniformed peace officers and other public safety personnel present, unless otherwise directed.”
  3. “Failure to maintain adequate physical distancing may result in an order to disperse or other enforcement action.”

Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.
Rebecca Husted
2nd Vice President and CFO
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate,
J.F. Finnegan Realtors
June 1, 2020