Dear Parents,

Harrisburg Academy has carefully considered the appropriate way to move forward in these difficult and uncertain times. The school wishes to recognize and show its appreciation for the loyalty of the families toward the Academy. To date, the school has received enrollment contracts at virtually the same level as this time last year. Nonetheless, the school recognizes that for families it has been difficult to determine what will happen in the future, so the school reviewed ways to help its families reduce their level of risk. 

The changes that were decided upon are listed below:

For enrollment in the 2020-21 school year only, the school has decided to relax its practices regarding deadlines and deposits. The new practices for 2020-21 will be as follows:

  1. Parents are still required to deposit $1,000 with their signed contract.
  2. The $1,000 is still a non-refundable deposit but if a family changes its mind about attending the Academy in 2020-21 before July 31, 2020 they can apply this deposit towards attending the Academy at a future date within the next two academic years.
  3. If you withdraw from the school before the July 31st deadline, then any tuition payments over and above the $1,000 deposit will be refunded. The $1,000 deposit, while non-refundable, can still be applied towards attending the Academy at a future date within the next two academic years.

These adjustments to our contractual agreements are to take effect immediately beginning 5/21/2020. 

Yours respectfully,

 Adrian Allan, Head of School