November 18, 2020

Dear students, faculty and staff:
Today, on behalf of the Cuyahoga County Board of Health, Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish and Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson announced that Cuyahoga county will be under a stay-at-home advisory, effective immediately. The stay-at-home advisory [PDF], which asks residents to avoid any unnecessary travel, also recommends that schools suspend in-person instruction. The current advisory will be in effect through December 17.
Therefore, we must make some changes, some effective immediately and some that will begin on November 21.
Starting immediately:
  • Non-essential staff should work from home.
  • Students should practice at home (with some exceptions for students who need access to school-owned instruments or who cannot practice at home for other reasons).
  • All remaining classes and lessons between now and November 20 can still occur in person as long as all involved are symptom free and comfortable working together.
  • All remaining conservatory performances (Brass Ensembles, Intensive Duo concerts, APTP Concert and student recitals) may be attended only by students performing on the event and ensemble coaches/studio faculty. All others should watch via livestream.
  • Preparatory lessons, rehearsals, ensembles and classes must occur virtually, and performances are suspended. Except for scheduled recording sessions, prep students and family members will not be granted access to the building.
  • Building hours and access will remain the same as published yesterday.
Starting Saturday, November 21:
  • Conservatory faculty planning to teach lessons between November 21 and December 13 should move those lessons to virtual-only format.
  • Between Saturday, November 21 and Sunday, December 13, practice rooms at 1609 Hazel will be limited to building residents only – all other reservations will be canceled.
  • Between December 14 and January 3, students who have signed up for practice room access at 1609 Hazel will be able to access the practice rooms; more information will be communicated regarding protocols closer to December 14.
We share your disappointment about ending the in-person portion of our semester this way, but we continue to applaud and admire your respect for CIM’s safety protocols and your care for the CIM community. We’re so incredibly proud of you all, and wish you and all of your loved ones a safe and restful break.
Paul W. Hogle, President | CEO
Madeline Lucas Tolliver, Interim Dean, Artistic and Facilities Operations