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Dear Certificants,
Certification, and the process of recertification through continuing education, lends credibility to the dog training and behavior consulting profession. More importantly, in an unregulated industry where anyone can brand him or herself as qualified, a credentialing program works to develop and maintain industry standards that protect the wellbeing and safety of dogs, their owners, and the community at large.
In 2014, the CCPDT Board of Directors furthered its belief in higher standards by having our credentialing program accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). This resource-intensive process was viewed as a necessary step forward to ensure our credentialing programs were following best practices.
The CCPDT is pleased that our certificants take pride in their credential(s), as this is a symbol of not only professional standards within an industry, but of our combined belief in continuing education.  To this end, the CCPDT has established Presenter Eligibility Requirements for anyone providing continuing education courses to its certificants. The eligibility requirements are as follows:
CCPDT CEUs will be awarded to courses in which the presenter possesses one or more CCPDT credential or an appropriate higher education degree (e.g., BA/BS, MA/MS, DVM, PhD, CAAB). In the case that a presenter does not hold a CCPDT credential, his or her higher education degree must have been awarded in a subject matter that supports the topic for which they are speaking.
There will be an extension period for any presenter who has previously been awarded CCPDT CEUs for their educational courses through December 31, 2016.
A commitment by all professionals, novice and expert alike, to assess their knowledge and skills through a standardized testing process is evidence to our clients, colleagues, and the community that we hold ourselves accountable and are worthy of professional respect.
Bradley Phifer CBCC-KA
President, CCPDT



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