Our world is experiencing a unprecedented challenge right now and we don't know what normal will look like in the aftermath of COVID-19. That being said, we do know that things are different and will be different based on our response. This challenge will reveal who we are and who's we are. We are being asked to change how we engage one another.

Consider leading with mindful and heart-filled engagement toward one another. Considering what our actions, words and inaction mean to others. Being intentional about how can we make every word and action give life to others no matter how limited. Consider how we make the most of every interaction. Consider what this crisis reveals about who we are to ourselves, to our families, our communities, and to our world. In a time filled with bad news how we can be good news to each other? How can we use this time to change our world for the better? Please share your ideas/good news with us and we will share them here, with our community. t Link