June 18, 2021
Changing Directions
Suzanne Hunt, Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher
Permission to change your mind
Hello spiritual friends!

Sometimes we are moving down a path toward a goal and realize something isn't quite right. In business, maybe the ledgers show the profits aren't there, even if our heart is. Or things have shifted in a relationship and we need to make a change. Sometimes a new direction appears before us and we feel ourselves drawn toward the renewal.

Change can open our hearts, re-ignite our enthusiasm, generate fresh ideas and attract new people into our lives. Change can be very exciting!

However, there are other times when we may find ourselves resisting a change, even when we know it is for the best. This could be for a number of reasons. One of those reasons may be when the old process, pathway or pattern has become part of our identity.

It is natural to start identifying with various facets of our lives. I might identify with my job or career. Or view a relationship I have with someone -- or even a neighborhood I live in -- speaks to who I am as a person. Sometimes we are working in a group effort or team and we feel resistant to allowing others to contribute their ideas. We unconsciously hold on to our "picture" of the solution or final outcome as an expression of who we are as a person.

Unconsciously, we may fear if "that thing" we have invested in changes, then something was wrong. If we have identified with something "out there" and we call it wrong, then then something about our own sense of self was also wrong. This can cause us to feel resistant toward change, even if we know deep in our heart of hearts we are ready for the new direction.

Self-awareness is the key for these kinds of situations. Recognizing that we feel resistant because our identity lives in the project or idea is a huge step towards personal growth! The miracle of self-understanding is that when we recognize we have let our identity attach to something "out there" in life, we can begin to let it go.

We move to accept that as we live, learn and grow in life we change and new information and spiritual wisdom comes to us. We can allow ourselves to change our inner-story and give ourselves permission to change our minds.

The really interesting part is that when change is on the horizon, we have already attracted the new energy into our lives. We may not realize it -- but we have already been growing away from the old pattern or life experience and toward the new one. Our soul has prepared us for the change and we just need to allow the physical aspects of the shift to unfold.

Yes! We can give ourselves permission to let change happen!
Blessings to each of you on your journey,

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