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Changing landscape in paper industry brings turmoil and opportunity
The past year has seen both turmoil and opportunity in the arena of paper-based food packaging and serviceware.
The anti-plastic sentiment that first took hold in Europe has gained considerable momentum in the U.S. While this presents an opportunity for paper-based food packaging, so also has the scramble to legislate against the oil and grease resistant coatings (so-called PFASs) used on paper as well as many other goods caused concern amongst paper- and fiber-based packaging manufacturers. Join us at Focal Point 2019 to work through these challenges and opportunities as well as hear brand perspectives. 
  • Learn about new and innovative fluorine-free barrier coatings technologies intended to replace PFAs.
  • Hear about the successes and challenges in implementing the collection and recovery of fiber from poly-coated beverage containers, and aseptic and gable top cartons.
  • Gain insights and perspectives on Kwik Trip's vertical integration model.
  • Understand the approaches McDonald's are taking to reduce their packaging and serviceware burden.
Anne Rutanen
Christine Miller

We're pleased to announce two new presenters for this upcoming conference: Anne Rutanen, innovation manager for CP Kelco, and Christine Miller, director of Adams County, Wisconsin, Solid Waste and Recycling. Read more about them and their presentation on the conference website.

Conference registration is open online now. Register by October 5 for just $350. The regular registration rate after that date is $450.


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