Changing the Landscape of Green Cleaning for a More Sustainable California

June 2017 Newsletter
Message from Sara Neff, Senior VP of Sustainability at Kilroy Realty Corporation
California is a leader in its efforts of sustainability and environmental action. At the forefront are building owners and employers who recognize that the success of their environmental performance goals can only be achieved with a well-trained workforce. That is why BSP's Green Janitor Education Program (GJEP) is a key sustainability initiative for Kilroy Realty Corporation

Janitors are the eyes and ears of a building, and have the ability to report energy and water waste as well as noncompliance with recycling practices. However, janitors are not a population that is typically included in sustainability discussions. We piloted this training in our 800,000 square foot Long Beach campus in 2014, and the program was so popular and successful that we scaled it to our entire eligible Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego portfolios; over 5.1 million square feet, or nearly 40% of our portfolio and 93 total janitors.  

Janitors who have graduated from this 30 hour program have reported not only implementing enhanced sustainability practices at work, but also bringing those practices, like making sure to turn off unneeded lights, to their home. We are also excited that we have seen energy and water savings from this program, and those savings have been verified by a 3rd party. I invite you to read the following stories of how the GJEP is changing the landscape of green cleaning. 

Sara Neff
Senior Vice President of Sustainability 
SeedLA, a nonprofit that provides pro-bono consulting to environmental and public health organizations, undertook a research project for BSP's Green Janitor Education Program (GJEP). The purpose of the project was to quantify the impact of the GJEP to date and strategize ways to expand the program to new buildings. In summary, SeedLA asserted the GJEP as the "easiest and least expensive green program for buildings to implement" (13).  To view the entire report visit our website
Reducing the Carbon Footprint at Work and at Home
Ana Velazquez is a certified Green Janitor at City National Plaza in downtown Los Angeles. Ana describes her experience in the class as eye opening and a motivating factor to become more involved in implementing sustainability practices. Since completing the program, Ana has taken ownership over her building's operations; turning off lights that were left on, unplugging unnecessary appliances, and doing everything she can to reduce her carbon footprint. Her enthusiasm and commitment for sustainability has even carried over to her home. 

Originally from El Salvador, Ana lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children. After the GJEP, Ana recognized the impact of being wasteful on the environment and has shifted her mentality to become more resourceful at home. Ana strongly emphasizes the importance of separating trash from recyclables with her family. As a current member of the Labor-Management Committee, a committee that joins industry leaders, labor representatives, and janitors, Ana is proud to have a voice in conversations to advance sustainable building practices. 
Expanding the GJEP Statewide
Recently, janitors from Service by Medallion Facility Services (Medallion) working at Oracle in Redwood Shores, CA, completed the Green Janitor Education Program, marking the first GJEP training to take place at a site in Northern California. BSP is proud to establish new partnerships with Oracle, a company who shares BSP's commitment  to provide high quality vocational education to workers while advancing sustainability efforts in their buildings. 

At the graduation ceremony were representatives from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), BSP, Service by Medallion and Oracle, celebrating the accomplishments of the 14 newly certified green janitors. Each janitor was awarded with a certificate and a distinguished pin, identifying them as certified green janitors and commemorating their investment in the 30 hours of classroom training. For many, it is the first milestone in their career as they take a seat at the sustainability table.
BSP Awarded $45,000 from LA DWP
BSP recently received a $45,000 grant from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) under the Community Partnership Initiative. The grant will help reach new buildings under the Green Janitor Education Program and target past participants of the program to help  them understand and implement sustainability practices at home.

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