TOUR FOR TOLERANCE PROGRAM Developed in Partnership between Tour for Tolerance and USC Shoah Foundation
Sami Stegmann, Holocaust Survivor 
Educator, Motivational Speaker, travels the world, work with TFT
Weiner Reich, Holocaust survivor, Historian, Educator, Motivational speaker, work with TFT
Sally Frisberg, Holocaust Survivor 
Educator, Motivational speaker, work with TFT 
Boris Feldman, 100 years old, Holocaust survivor, Liberator, Soldier of Valor, taught at the University of Lviv- Ukraine for more than 43 years, work with TFT
Dear Friend,

We are pleased to inform you that the Tour for Tolerance organization (TFT) has launched a new partnership with the USC- Shoah Foundation.

The shared commitment of both organizations to educate and inspire educators and students is at the core of the Tour for Tolerance Program. This commitment will form the basis of a cutting-edge program for students that will integrate learning about the past, the development of critical thinking skills, and the capacity for empathy and respect – all to spread tolerance education and promote students’ capacities for empathy, compassion, tolerance, inclusion, and respect.

This immersive learning experience is grounded in human stories, delivered through cutting-edge digital technologies, fixed into artificial intelligence, holograms, interactivities technology, grounded in academic standards, and student-centered active learning principles. 
 Bill Tingling, Marvin Scott, PIX 11 News Anchor/ Reporter, and Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Holocaust survivor. We will be using the story of Dr. Ruth to activate the student's curiosity. It is compelling and plays a vital role in the student experience.
Students will engage with the Virtual Reality content, Dimensions, and Testimonies. The center of the bus will be dominated by interactive, activated worktables that include spaces to host physical artifacts from museum partners as well as digital engagements. VR content and films will be broadcast through headsets as well as onto screens on the sides of the buses, offering windows into understanding where the bus windows had previously been. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions of a Holocaust survivor, through engagement with an interactive testimony housed in the rear section of the bus.
Testimony from Holocaust survivors experienced at stand-alone, interactive stations

Museum of Jewish Heritage in NYC – Their objects, photos, maps, and other materials from their exhibit would be on display for students to explore.

The Children of Willesden Lane – provision of multimedia resources on the history of the Kindertransport and its lessons on resilience, courage, and the power of memory and legacy. Resources will include classroom activities, visual/performing arts experiences in VR, and DiT formats that will deepen the student's learning.
Our Students- New York

The state-of-the-art bus will travel to students at their schools to introduce the lessons. Combining artifacts from museum partners like the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York, immersive technology testimony experiences, and curated clips of testimony. The bus will virtually take students on a journey to engage their critical thinking and empathy skills while empowering them to be stronger than hate. Students will visit and experience stations on the bus with different assets to build their own learning. 
PRE-TFT Visit:
Students will begin their Tour for Tolerance experience in the classrooms with age-appropriate lessons provided to their teachers by the program. These lessons will serve to prepare students before they board the Tour of Tolerance bus and will ensure proper contextual, geographic, and other knowledge.
Our Students
Once students board the TFT bus, they will engage in learning via different parts of the bus that will be devoted to specific learning experiences with media types.

Testimony: USC Shoah Foundation is the world leader in testimony-based education. The testimony encourages the development of attitudes and behaviors consistent with responsible participation in society. Students will listen to stories of genocide survivors to understand and appreciate the resilience of the human spirit. Testimony – whether in person or not - humanizes the impact of hate on individuals and shines a light on different perspectives that promote critical thinking and empathy.

Teachers having full access to the materials via USC Shoah Foundation educational website, IWitness.

The material available on IWitness would deepen students’ learning, ask them to consider what they could do to contribute to a more tolerant and just society and to make commitments and take action to realize those commitments. IWitness would support students in this final step of the experience.
Recognize the manifestations and impact of hate and intolerance through exploration and analysis of primary and secondary sources and multiple perspectives and experiences

Recognize the importance of empathy and respect in promoting a more tolerant and just society for all its citizens

Develop positive attitudes and dispositions through student-centered active learning modalities and technologies
Liberators, students, and future leaders are delighted about the Tour For Tolerance, USC-Shoah Foundation partnership
Increase students’ recognition that they have the capacity to bring about a more tolerant and just society

Reach 60,000 students in the first year and close to 200,000 students over the next three years.
Rabbi Joe Potasnik- New York Board of Rabbis
Dr. Inge Auerbacher- American Chemist- Holocaust survivor
Lea Wolinetz
Executive Director
The world Society of Czestochowa Jews and their Descendants 
David Gill, Consul General of Germany- New York
We are indeed grateful to all our supporters
Bill Tingling President & CEO
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