Psalms 3:3

The Bible records in I Samuel that Hannah was discouraged to the point of not even waiting to eat because she desired to have children for her husband, but could not. Yet, after she prayed and shared her tears and frustrations with God, she "went her way and ate, and her face was no longer sad" ( I Samuel 1:18 ). Hannah's circumstances didn't change, but Hannah's attitude toward her circumstances changed after spending time in prayer with the Lord.

I want to be like Hannah. For oftentimes, I tend to allow my circumstances to determine how I feel. If my circumstances are good, then I feel good, but if my circumstances are bad, then I feel bad.

But the Bible tells me to do the opposite. For it states that I am to rejoice at all times - whether my circumstances are good or bad. But how? How can I rejoice when life isn't always going the way I'd like it go?

By doing what Hannah did. Pouring out my worries, frustrations and cares to the Lord through prayer.

I guess that's what the songwriter meant when he penned these words: "Take your burdens to the Lord and leave them there. If you trust and never doubt, he will surely bring you out " - out of despair, out of sadness, out of discouragement!

If you're feeling discouraged today because of a particular circumstance happening in your life, pour out your frustrations to your heavenly father. He may not change your circumstance, but he can help you change the way you look and feel about them. Just like he did for Hannah.

Sharing the journey,


Today's Prayer : Father, even if my circumstances do not change, it's good to know when I pray that you can help me change the way I look at them. Amen.

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