Love the earth every day.
April 22nd Earth Day

Discover the beauty in getting rooted in a yoga practice.
Everything we are, we owe to Mother earth and her resources. We also have the luxury of digging our feet into the soil embracing all the seasons that Mother Nature gives us.
Explore the world within and outside ourselves. The path of the yogi can give you insight into a whole other dimension of consciousness raising your vibration and awareness to the beauty all around you and most importantly within you.
A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to bring the wonderful creations of earth indoors. A houseplant is a great way to remind yourself to practice the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) daily around the house! In addition to their eco-goodness, houseplants are a beautiful addition to any indoor space. By the use of color and texture you can instantly change the look and mood of your room!
Channel your Inner Stevie Nicks with a Yoga Moon Meditation in
 Hot Hatha class at
11 am on April 19th . Surrender to the breath as we embrace a movement mediation as we listen to Stevie Nick's Music! Prepare yourself for the full moon in Libra to raise the vibration in the mind, body and soul to transmute energies no longer serving you. Let go, Be Free, Be Whole. Feel free to wear all your hippie oils and bring your favorite crystals. Infra Red heaters will be detoxing and energizing during the practice. Release energies and restore harmony.
Come join us on this life shifting retreat.

Together we can dive into our life purpose and explore growth in mind, body & soul.