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January 2017

Greetings Harpists,

Sometimes I think we, as musicians, have a duty (obligation or stewardship responsibility) toward raising the vibrations of those around us and assisting the planet to an improved or higher place. When I think about that, it makes me uneasy because the expectations are almost too much to comprehend. How can I possibly help....

We adopt dogs and cats from shelters for one. And later this month, we are "Chanting for Peace".

Our good friend, Linda Larkin, has three collections of chants. They are somewhat similar to Taizé, but based on text formulated by the very charismatic J. Philip Newell. Linda gave us permission to use her music in a Peace Chants service. We (my wonderful friend from HS, Mary Galati, and another good friend, violinist Mary Stryck) went through every chant by Linda and carefully chose just a few that worked well with our playing and voices. One of us will speak the sacred text, then we invite those present to sing the chant with us. After, we meditate for a short time. Then the Tingsha bells bring us back to the present, where we move to the next reading. It takes about 40 minutes. Successful at meditations and peace services, we have talked about taking this meditation to the prisons.

Three Marys Peace Chants Flyer


John Philip Newell, author of  Listening for the Heartbeat of God: A Celtic Spirituality , is one of the most prominent teachers of spirituality in the Western world. His wife plays the Clarsach. If you have a chance to hear him speak, you will not regret making the effort to get there. A few years back our trio (Celtic harp,whistle, hammered dulcimer - Saint Brigid's Flame) played for one of his retreats.  We were up close, and every word spoken by J. Philip was mindful, serene and powerful, all.  When I had a chance to speak with him after, I said something like, "I loved every word you spoke."  And he returned the compliment with, "and I loved every note you played."      

Everybody likes free music.  We have some on our site - see left column "Free PDFs".  Here is a new duet - Noel Nouvelet for 2 harps, or 2 pianos, or combination.  Enjoy!  


We have a few new titles.  Ellen Tepper has a delightful "Rounds" book that is completely done by hand. Even the page numbers!  Clever artwork, easy music for beginners, but fun for all.


One of our many lofty goals is to tweak all of the Afghan Press Music for Harp titles, and make them into PDF downloads. Sally Perreten's books have been around for a long time, and the repertoire choices are excellent.  Some significant changes were made to "Celtic Echoes".  If you purchased any of Sally's books prior to 2015, please let us know and we'll replace them with the revised version.  Just send an e-mail to me -

Music books by Sally Perreten:

Table of Contents:
Ballydesmond Polka #2, Blackbird, Butterfly, Cuckoo's Nest, Flowers of Edinburgh, Katie's Rambles, Lanagan's Ball, Trip to Sligo, Leitrim Fancy, Maggie in the Woods, Mist on the Mountain, Nancy McDermott, O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick, Sally Gardens Reel, Sally in the Garden, Swallowtail Jig, Out on the Ocean, Ship in Full Sail

Table of Contents:
Billy Malley's Schottisch, The Blackthorn Stick Jig, Joe Cooley's Jig, O'Keefe's Slide #2, Kathleen O'Hehir Slide, Miss Pamela, Lads of Laoish, Skiver the Quilt, Stack of Wheat, Queen of the Fair, She's Like a Swallow, Were You At the Fair.

Tunes familiar to the older generation, all in the key of C. Arranged on a Triplett Zephyr lap harp (C - C range), written an octave lower than they sound to avoid ledger lines. BONUS An appendix with hints and warm-up exercises can be found in the back.    Table of Contents:  Suantraighe (Sleep) Medley, Hill and Dale Medley, A Special Morning, Sweet Betsy from Pike, Oh Susanna!, Dixie, Darlin' Clementine, Peter Gray, Blue Tail Fly, Wayfaring Stranger, The Foggy Foggy Dew, When Jonny Comes Marching Home, Yankee Doodle, Hallelujah! I'm a Bum, Home on the Range.

Happy New Year!  blue-pawprint-icon.gif

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