Join us for outdoor worship this Thanksgiving weekend on Sunday, November 29 as we celebrate the beginning of a new church calendar year with Advent I at 10:30 AM. Please bring seating and wear a mask at all times.
Please Note: In the event of rain or other inclement weather, service will be canceled. We will NOT move indoors.
The Perdue Family to Visit ESC this Sunday
We look forward to welcoming some very special new members at this Sunday’s 10:30 AM outdoor worship service for November 29 (Advent I). Our new Associate Rector, The Rev. Melody Perdue, and family will join us for the first time. Rev. Melody was ordained to the Episcopal priesthood on November 21 in the Diocese of East Carolina.
Her official duties at ESC begin December 1, so she will not serve in a liturgical capacity this Sunday. Her husband, The Rev. Hayes Perdue, will be introduced to the congregation and given a blessing prior to his December 2 deployment to Bahrain. We are especially excited to welcome John, Nate, Anna, Lydia and Sam Perdue to our parish!
Chaplain Thomas Hayes Perdue is from Washington, Georgia. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Samford University, and a Master of Psychology from Geneva College. Hayes worked triage at a Psychiatric Hospital and has worked as a drug and alcohol therapist. He earned his Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Seminary and was ordained to the Episcopal Priesthood in the Diocese of Virginia in 2002.
After serving 3 years as a parish priest, he joined the U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps in 2005. He was a chaplain for a Marine infantry battalion and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. He has also served other Marine Units and was a chaplain on board CVN-71. Hayes is currently a Lieutenant Commander and has served for 15 years. This year he will be stationed unaccompanied in Bahrain leading personal growth and marriage retreats for Navy Personnel.
“I am delighted that Melody will have the opportunity to serve with such a fine priest as The Rev. Cameron Randle. It’s wonderful that my family will be a part of a church community engaged in taking care of the “least of these,” feeding the hungry, visiting those in prison and truly living out Christ’s call to us.”
When Hayes returns from Bahrain, he will have a three-year tour at Naval Station Norfolk.
Welcome, Perdues!
Beloved Community Beckons Us at Advent

If you haven’t participated in a virtual worship service, study group, or discussion during the past nine months, the opportunity is offered anew for Advent. Four lay leaders in our parish will facilitate an online conversation (on Tuesdays at 7 PM) about what it means to anticipate our role in Christ’s kingdom on earth. Of particular interest will be attitudes and perspectives toward those whose racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds differ from ours.
Preparing to Become the Beloved Community is a 4-part presentation of the national Episcopal Church. The journey is framed around the image of a labyrinth because “…in the ministry of racial healing and justice, none of us walks a straight line.”
To participate in any or all four Advent sessions, each of which will last 45 minutes or so, simply click on the link that will be sent weekly via email during Advent.
The topics and schedules are as follows:
  • December 1: Telling the Truth About Our Churches and Race (Patti Glowatsky)
  • December 8: Proclaiming the Dream of Beloved Community (Allison Ward Johnson)
  • December 15: Practicing the Way of Love in the Pattern of Jesus (Lee Davis)
  • December 22: Repairing the Breach in Institutions & Society (Harold Williams)
Chapel Pantry receives major grant
By Kay O'Reilly, Chapel Pantry Coordinator

Even before COVID-19 turned the world upside down, the Chapel Pantry was providing a significant response to hunger and food insecurity in our community. The pandemic made this need even greater, creating long lines at food pantries across the country, including here in Virginia Beach. Meanwhile, the need to protect pantry guests and volunteers and to mitigate the spread of the virus proved to be a significant challenge, one that forced many pantries to close. But ESC didn’t shrink from this challenge. Within a few weeks, the Chapel Pantry was up and running with new distribution processes and safety protocols in place and was serving hundreds of families every week.

Our willingness and ability to face and rise to these challenges are being rewarded with a grant for capacity-building, valued at $170,000. With support from the City of Virginia Beach and the United Way of South Hampton Roads, the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia has extended this grant to invest in our efforts to support hunger relief efforts as part of the Virginia Beach Pandemic Relief Partnership.

The major components of this grant include:
  • $75,000 to procure a second walk-in refrigerator and freezer, ice machine, and back-up generator, to be located behind the current pantry cold storage building. Infrastructure to support this equipment is included in the grant funding.
  • $10,000 for purchased food
  • $85,000 in-kind value for the purchase of a 16’ refrigerated truck to help with food rescue pick-ups.

This investment into the Chapel Pantry will have us poised to not only serve more people in need with efficiency, but to be in a position to creatively partner with other organizations working to alleviate hunger, such as Mercy Chefs. Mercy Chefs prepares healthy frozen meals, which we could easily store and distribute as a second, high-impact, low-labor way to help our community.

The timing of this grant could not be better, as the Pantry served a record 438 families last Saturday, and we turned away 50 cars, something we’ve never had to do.

Construction has already begun, and by year’s end, we will be ready to love and serve our neighbors in new and significant ways. Thanks be to God!
A Shower of Love, Cards and Notes!

Please help welcome our new Associate Rector, Reverend Melody Perdue as she joins us at Eastern Shore Chapel beginning December 1! Please mail or hand deliver a card of welcome to her and her family, at the church, anytime the first two weeks of December. The cards will be delivered to her as they arrive, and we hope to shower her in the way that Eastern Shore Chapel parishioners are known for, with a warm, loving welcome. Feel free to “introduce” yourself and your family in this socially distanced way, as we all stay safe. Let's start to get acquainted and join in ministry, service and worship together.

We also congratulate Reverend Melody as she was ordained into the Preisthood on November 21 in North Carolina. If you would like to watch the ceremony, you may see it on YouTube here. After many active years in ministry as an experienced worship leader, youth minister, military (and clergy) spouse and mother of five, Reverend Melody joins us at ESC. She is married to The Rev. Hayes Perdue, an Episcopal priest and U.S. Navy chaplain about to be deployed to Bahrain. Perdue siblings include Lydia (12), John (14), Anna (16), Sam (18), and Nate (19). The family moved to Virginia Beach in November, and will be joining us for worship as we can gather! Thank you for helping to extend a warm welcome.
ESC Vestry Candidates
from the Vestry Nominating & Election Committee

This year, in lieu of an in person meeting, Vestry has agreed that we will be voting by mail. Please note that even though our elections are by mail, our church canons call for nominations from the floor on election day. In order to facilitate this element of our election procedure, we are making room on the ballots for you to write in any candidates you would like to nominate.

Following is information on members of our congregation who have responded to the call for service and have made a commitment to run for election to our Vestry. Ballots and instructions for our December election were mailed Saturday, November 21. Please be on the lookout for this important information in your mailbox.
David Boling
Member of ESC for: 1 year 11 months
Marital Status: Married to Betsy
Name & Ages of Children, If Any: Warren (57), Will (45), Katy (37)
Occupation: Retired Director of Government Relations
Service Most Often Attended: 10:15
Parish Ministries/Activities in which you have been Involved: Choir, office volunteer, men’s breakfast group
Areas of Interest at ESC: Finance, administration, and music ministries
What Special Talents would you bring to the Vestry: Business and legislative background, consensus builder, certified mediator
I understand the Role of the Vestry to Be… the representative body of the parish, reflecting the aspirations and goals of the membership as we serve God and our community. The Vestry assumes stewardship of the assets of the church in order to support the vision of the parish. Vestry members need to be good listeners and compassionate advisors to the rector.
I Think God is calling Eastern Shore Chapel to… grow spiritually as we become an even more essential presence in our community which reflects God’s love and concern for all people through worship and outreach. We can’t be just the historical brick building on the corner. We must be the people who answer God’s call to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and help those in trouble.
Patricia (Pat) Edwards
Member of ESC for: 5 years & 8 months
Marital Status: Life Partner, Kim Warren
Name & Ages of Children, If Any: Jaydan (stepson) (18)
Occupation: Paramedic – Bon Secours Health System EMS Coordinator
Service Most Often Attended: 8:00
Parish Ministries/Activities in which you have been Involved: Eucharistic Minister, 128th Annual Council, Adult Acolyte, Special Election to elect the Bishop (Delegate)
Areas of Interest at ESC: The Chapel Pantry, Haiti Medical Mission Outreach, Prison Ministry, Adult Forum, Winter Shelter
What Special Talents would you bring to the Vestry: As a cradle Episcopalian – Baptized as an infant, confirmed in 9th grade – I bring a lifelong commitment to my church community. Throughout my life I have been extremely active in my church. As a youth I had perfect attendance for all 6 years of Sunday School; was 1 of 4 girls to become St. Peters’ first female acolytes in 1975 and was active in the Youth Group. As an adult I have served as an Eucharistic Minister, an adult acolyte and on the Vestry at St. Thomas, Hanover, NH. I was called to serve those in need and that is reflected in my church life, my career and as a Rotarian. All done with an open mind, a kind & willing heart and a smile.
I understand the Role of the Vestry to Be… An elected body that provides leadership and oversight to articulate the mission and ministry of the congregation. The Vestry protects the vision and insures the values of the church community by ensuring effective organization and planning. Provides financial integrity, manages church resources and supports the clergy.
I Think God is calling Eastern Shore Chapel to… Continue to strengthen our ministries to serve those in need – the homeless, those that struggle to provide food for their families, and those in prison. We live in crazy times with so many that are struggling, are experiencing injustice and pain. During COVID and in a post COVID world we’ll one day see, many within our community will need us – and we need to make sure we are there.
Kenneth Lamott Fields
Member of ESC for: 3 years
Marital Status: Single
Name & Ages of Children, If Any: One Daughter
Occupation: Car Detailer Charles Barker Mercedes-Benz
Service Most Often Attended: Every Sunday
Parish Ministries/Activities in which you have been Involved:
Areas of Interest at ESC: I am also the co-chair Newcomer Committee, and Historical Committee
What Special Talents would you bring to the Vestry: My leadership and commitment
I understand the Role of the Vestry to Be… Yes, I do understand position been on Vestry
I Think God is calling Eastern Shore Chapel to… Call of faith and Duties and Eastern Shore
Susan F. Kaufman
Member of ESC for: 2 years
Marital Status: Single
Name & Ages of Children, If Any: Charles F. (Chuck) (23)
Occupation: retired Ayurvedic Practitioner & Community Volunteer
Service Most Often Attended: 10:15 in choir
Parish Ministries/Activities in which you have been Involved: Choir, Chapel Pantry, Building Committee, Office of Government Relations, Prison Ministry
Areas of Interest at ESC: Diversity, Inclusion, Outreach through OG Relations & Pantry, Buildings, Music
What Special Talents would you bring to the Vestry: Previous Vestry (Christ & St. Luke's) & Building Committee
I understand the Role of the Vestry to Be… Servant Leadership
I Think God is calling Eastern Shore Chapel to… Express the Love al All People & All Creation thru Action. Worship that recharges & restores us for that mission.
Gina E. Williams
Member of ESC for: 7 years
Marital Status: Married
Name & Ages of Children, If Any: Elliot - 17 Jordan – 22
Occupation: Homemaker
Service Most Often Attended: 10:30
Parish Ministries/Activities in which you have been Involved: Welcome Committee, Altar Guild, Seton Friday Dinners, Winter Shelter, Chili Cookoff, Helping decorate for any event, Basically help where ever is needed
Areas of Interest at ESC: Pantry, Outreach, Feed my sheep, Family Ministry
What Special Talents would you bring to the Vestry: Creative, Social, Handy, Fast and willing learner, Flexible, Problem solver, Multilingual, Great gofer
I understand the Role of the Vestry to Be… to be the voice of the congregation and help lead the church into fulfilling its role by overseeing or taking care of different activities, programs, and the day to day decisions involving the future of the congregation.
I Think God is calling Eastern Shore Chapel to… help the community and congregation where ever is needed. Be it physically or spiritually. To offer support in becoming better Christians, as a community and individuals. To be a voice of reason and understanding in these troubling times. To be a shelter and solace for whomever seeks it. In other words, to help us remember Jesus words and why God put us in this earth.
A Stewardship Message
By Worth Remick
Happy Thanksgiving! Please remember your 2020 pledge if you have not yet paid, and also remember to mail in (or drop off) your 2021 pledge card. Many decisions and plans for next year's budget are now being made, so it is really important! Thank you for your support this year too!
Sirach 35:10-12 offers us this stewardship message:
Honor the Lord generously,
and don’t skimp on the early produce you present.
Every time you give, have a cheerul face,
and dedicate your tithe gladly.
Give to the Most High as he has given,
and give with generosity from what you have.
First Friday Men's Breakfast on Dec. 4

Next week, Friday December 4, is our First Friday Men's Breakfast, the last one for 2020. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. We will gather in the parish hall and will be masked and practice social distancing. Meeting starts at 7:30 with fellowship and discussion of things going on in the parish family - and there is a LOT going on. We'll hear from members of the vestry about what 2021 may hold for us. And as we enter the Advent season, we'll read and talk about the scriptures for the following Sunday (Click here for the readings). Please join us; we will all be made richer by your presence.
Sign up for an Advent Take-home Kit

As we enter into Advent and prepare for the birth of the Christ child, it’s easy to lose focus and be dismayed by all of the restrictions we are under this year. This is a time to search our hearts for the meaning of peace, hope, joy and love in a way we haven’t experienced before. This year, in response to the limitations of COVID-19, we are excited to offer Advent Take Home Kits! They will include a Family Advent Devotional with weekly readings and reflections as well as coloring and crafts, a Nativity Stones craft kit, Advent wreath kit, Christmas tree blessing and St. Nicholas goodie bag! If you would like to pick up a kit at our drive thru on November 28 from 2 to 3 PM, please fill out this registration form. Please contact Patti Glowatsky, Director of Family Formation, at with any questions.
ESC Prayer Ministry

Did you know we have an active Prayer Team? These are members of our parish family who have offered to devote time to prayer, conversation with the Creator, for those on our Prayer List; the names you hear read each Sunday. This is a good way to be involved with the life of the church and to grow in closeness to our Loving God. Would you be interested in joining the team? Please speak with Amanda McGinty, Assistant for Pastoral Care or our Clergy.
Daily Morning Prayer: A Pearl of Great Price
By Lee Davis

“Discovery through study” is one of the legs of the three legged stool we discuss in KAIROS. It is foundational in building our relationship with God. Study is the spiritual exercise that strengthens your faith and guides you on your personal spiritual journey.

Sometimes when doing your spiritual exercise you come across a nugget that makes you sit back and go “ahhhhh...” It may be found in an oft read verse from Holy Scripture that comes at you in a way unlike ever before, filled with new meaning; it may be in a daily devotional or other faith based reading. Most often they arrive I have found in the quiet freshness of the morning.

You read something that rings so true it makes you smile, right there – sitting all alone smiling. “I knew that” you say, “but I never have heard it expressed like that.” These are “Ah HA” moments of the first order. These are the stepping stones of your spiritual journey; growth pills for your faith. Each one a puzzle piece that brings life and faith more clearly into focus. AH HA!

I have found that you can’t go purposefully looking for one; they are like invisible trip wires you come across when least expected. They are unseen as you approach, vivid and unforgettable once realized.

Like finding the pearl of great price (Matthew 13:44-50) you have to DO something… to discover, you have to do your spiritual exercise. It is worth devoting the time.
Click here and see what you find. AH HA!

Join us every morning (except Sunday) for Morning Prayer on ZOOM. Just click here, service starts at 7:30am sharp. Lay led, spiritually filled! Come as you are, just come.
Parish Book Store: Don't miss the chance to contribute books to Mission of the Holy Spirit!

Time is running out to make a contribution toward purchase of books for Mission of the Holy Spirit! We hope to order and deliver the books by Dec. 10. Make your checks out to the Parish Book Store with “mission” in the memo line and send the check to Parish Book Store, 2020 Laskin Road, VB 23454. Help make a child’s Christmas special with a new book!
Our HUGE SALE/Open House continues with Toffee-to-Go available. Make your appointment by calling Susan Buchanan at 757-481-2595.  
Parish Day School: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Parish Day School! As we take a moment to reflect on our school year we are most thankful to be open and continuing our school community.
We are thankful for our teaching teams, our classroom families, our parents, grandparents and guardians that allow our school to continue to thrive and grow. We are sending all the families of Eastern Shore Chapel a huge thank you for your support, love, and blessings to Parish Day School. We are thankful to be a mission of ESC.
Parish Day School Team
Ongoing at ESC
Morning Daily Office
Join us every morning but Sunday at 7:30 on ZOOM to celebrate the Morning Daily Office.
Click here or go to ZOOM Meeting ID: 562 715 368 Passcode: John1513. On Thursdays join us live in the narthex - just like we did pre-pandemic! Everything is provided, all you need to do is show up. All are invited, all are welcomed.
Evening Daily Office
Evening Daily Office is now available on ZOOM at 5:30 Monday through Friday. Meeting ID: 896 1777 7644 Passcode: Ex1414. Join us once, join us occasionally, or join us regularly; we are made richer by your presence.
Zoom with your Sunday School class!
Join friends and teachers, by Zoom, as they meet and discuss lessons from this year’s curriculum – Feasting on the Word. Confirmation classes for students in the Senior High Class meet on the first and third Sundays of the month during the regular Sunday School hour at 9:10 a.m. Classes on the second and fourth Sundays include Lectionary based topics. To discuss formation needs or other questions, please contact Patti Glowatsky (, Director of Family Formation:
Prayers for Our Military
From CRU Military Ministry - Pray for the millions of combat veterans who have served their nations faithfully and are now in need of healing - spiritually and emotionally - from the wounds of war. We know that Jesus Christ is The Healer, the only one Who can provide true and complete healing. Pray for Cru Military and REBOOT Combat Recovery as we work together to bring hope and healing to more veterans and their families!

Prayer Cards for Deployed Service Members
If you would like a prayer card sent to your deployed service member please contact Bill Hunter at or 757-402-6384. I would also be happy to place the service member on the prayer list at church for inclusion in the weekly Prayers of the People.
The Chapel Chimes is distributed every Wednesday.
If you would like to submit an article to the Chapel Chimes email
please send an email to Ann Turner,,
with "CHIMES SUBMISSION" in the subject line.
Deadline is every Tuesday at 5 pm.